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TEXT TOPIC: Were you on a plane that had to make an emergency landing?

Bright sun over the wing and engine of an airplane at the airport.

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Was flying to Israel when I was 17 and we got stuck in London for three hours because they put too much fuel in. Mid flight almost had to land in Yugoslavia because we didn't have enough, but wouldn't have been allowed to leave. Luckily Austria was cool with it. We're literally 10 mins before we were out

I Was in a plane that made an emergency landing because someone needed immediate medical attention. They even made the announcement over the intercom if anyone was a doctor to come to the front of the plane.

flying in from our honeymoon 20 yrs ago our flight was awful we were convinced the pilot was a trainee let loose on us to practice all you DON'T do! We could hear the landing gear going up and down repeatedly while the plane was swerving like a crop duster it was so bad I was cuddling my new husband and when we finally dropped out of the sky with the hardest landing I've ever felt the stewardess told us we were the cutest cuddly couple

I did have an emergency landing diverted to Denver. Our plane was hit by lightning and it knocked out the radio signal. It was a quick repair before we took off for SLC again at the tail end of a very long flight from Europe

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