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TEXT TOPIC: Who ruined the surprise? You or someone else?

Mother in law ruined the pregnancy announcement of my twins, told everyone in the family and then she got upset when we didn't tell her when we got pregnant with our 3rd kid.

I found my engagement ring in the closet before my fiancé proposed. I was looking for laundry! He doesn't know that I found out before it happened.

Made the mistake of telling my mother we were pregnant with a little girl. We specifically told her not to say anything, she told everyone 😡can't keep a secret to save her life

My MIL is the absolute WORST when it comes to keeping gifts a surprise! Before you open anything she will ruin it. Talking about the different colors/styles/ options of whatever she got you. She's spoiled every present I've gotten in 13 years

My brother met a few of my co-workers and me for lunch. He then asks me, "So have you caught who you thought was stealing from the company yet?" He didn't realize that two of the suspected thieves were sitting with us. Didn't catch who it was but after that lunch, the stealing stopped so I was right about one of them. Different kind of surprise

I got an email with someone asking me a question about the teacher of the year award. I didn't know I had won because they were going to announce it in the meeting that weekend.

friend told all my coworkers I was pregnant right after I found out by saying she needed me to give her a positive test for April Fools day

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