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TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone who has a brain injury and they changed?

husband has an acquired brain injury after coma for 28 days... 5yrs ago and still a struggle

My husband had a brain tumor it wasn't an injury but after he had that tumor removed he developed bipolar disorder and Has to be on medication

I have a TBI I was 7 and got in a bike accident and have had to do tons of dental work and made it so I couldn't read in 2nd grade and struggle every day since

my hubs has had 43 concussions, broken back, broken shoulder, numerous fingers. He is a professional Rodeo Clown/bull fighter.

Uncle was in a horrible car accident, was really smart before now has short term memory loss and gets scary angry when somethings happen.

Brain injury: Just got in a car accident and am now going through my second concussion in 2 years, last time it took over 7months of therapies/rehabbing. Concussions are TBI's and are often forgotten as such, I can go from being normal me to symptomatic multiple times a day based on the sensory input to by brain and how taxed my brain is but because I look fine and wasn't in a hospital bed how debilitating it can be gets based over. It's very trapping and lonely.

last year I had both a concussion and brain surgery. I now get depressed, anxious and loved ones have noticed that I am just more dialed back emotionally than the man they have always known

MY FIL had a TBI after a botched surgery. He has to learn how to walk, talk eat, everything all over again. He was able to get pretty close to how he was before, but was much more mellow. The thing that drove me nuts was my MIL would use it as a way to get what she wanted. She would tell him he didn't like certain foods so she would have to buy them or that he did like certain things because that's what she wanted. It drove us all nuts. Really it's too hard to buy him a Coke instead of a Diet Pepsi because you don't want to buy two packs of soda?

my husband had a stroke and caused a TBI and ended his life a week ago that. Suicide after stroke is extremely high. 2 times more likely to die by suicide after stroke

my little brother has had so many concussions that it altered him the last one he received he would get so angry over nothing and punch the wall, also had a friend who he got in a Motorcycle accident and was drug 100 feet no helmet and he now sings for the choir on temple square

my aunt slowly started to act strange and started to get mean and say things she would never have said before. She also started to no longer be able to take care of herself. They thought it was early onset dementia, but it turned out to be 3 tumors in her brain. One the size of a softball. They were growing for about 7 years. She had had them removed and isn't 100% and doesn't remember a lot from those years.

my friend's dad is over 7' and he yelled was so mean. He got into a motorcycle accident and had brain injury where he completely changed smiled, nicer, kind and gentle

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