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TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Agressive text

the gas petal is the long one on the right! Your getting on the freeway go faster than 40 dumb ass!

to the lovely a-hole on the freeway this morning who cut me off, rolled down your window and screaming at me for being in YOUR way, I hope you have a fantastic day. Learn to drive idiot!

Dear Payson residents if the school zone lights aren't flashing you know its still a school zone and they should be flashing SLOW DOWN for the kids!

Just because you're preggers doesn't mean it's all about you and you don't get to be offended by everything

can I scream to the universe? Trying to start school and hitting obstacles all the time. Can't find a sitter for my two kids, can't figure out how to do it with my job. Surgical tech program and im defeated. I just want to better my life

to my in laws that keep saying my baby's head is not shaping right and he needs a helmet. For that 300 time, NO HE DOESNT!!! He's 5 months! He is still growing and the doctor even said he doesn't!!!

I'm at the movie theaters and the most annoying thing is when you take kids to movies. Especially when the movie is more adult oriented. I was at Batman and a couple took their crying baby. Wtf i didn't Pay to hear a baby cry. If I want that I would of stayed home with my kids.

Stop letting your dog poop on my lawn! I have young kids that like to play outside. I specifically DONT have a dog for this very reason!!!

I'm trying my best to be supportive of you cheating on me with the " love of your life" but making our daughter the MOH at your wedding is BS. Take a flying leap jerk

mil, just because you aren't getting your way doesn't mean you get to act like the victim in this situation. You made the decision to meddle and now you have to face the consequences. Stop making me the Villain for your actions when I'm doing my best to protect my family from your toxicity.

just because I'm not in the office doesn't mean I'm not working, trust the people you hired to do what you hired them to do

you didn't congratulate my daughter when she got engaged and were unsupportive as a bridesmaid. Now that it's your turn you wonder why we aren't jumping to give you the attention you want. You get what you give

Hey Alex. If you're not interested just say so. Don't make up some convoluted story about your daughter being in the hospital when you were at a party and posting on social about it.

to the one who is having a hard time going to school, maybe you not being able to go is the universe answer. I was a scrub tech money not worth the stress

Hey Jeff I found a job that doubles my income AND my manager has validated me. Your management skills suck

carpool parents your kid does not need to be dropped off right in front of the door. The line would go a lot faster if you utilized the second half of the circle.

Ease up on the laundry scent beads. I dread you being in office. Headache all day.

Hey butt wipe in the blue bmw in carpool lane this morning move your butt the carpool lane is not meant for parking you entitled ass

To the B @ McDonald's, its every other car at the drive thru. You aren't more important than me & everyone else in line. Karma's a B, too!

Alex stop trying to make failed relationships work. It didn't work with her the last time or the time before or the time before that. Learn to be by yourself and be happy with yourself.

You are a horrible house guest. Take your dog that's peeing all over my house and you refuse to put in the cage or watch and your child who gets into everything and breaks all my stuff home

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