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TEXT TOPIC: Were you accused of something you didn't do?

when I was 15 my mom had a dream I was pregnant so she woke me up at 2 AM to accuse me of being pregnant. I assure you there was zero chance of me being pregnant

husband's crazy ex-wife falsely accused me of child abuse against stepdaughter because she thought that would get her custody. DCFS saw through it quickly & she had to pay us a lot of money.

Went to St. George with some family many years ago for spring break. Few weeks later my Aunt called me asking if I put the TV remote in the microwave of the hotel. I didn't understand why she was asking. I guess the hotel was thinking our family was some young kids that they could accuse of vandalism. No wonder they went out of business.

during my exes peak alcoholism he accused me multiple times that our oldest daughter is not his. Now that he has been sober he has never questioned it. I think it was just a statement out of hate and addiction.

accused something I had 0 to do with, pulled out of class by a detective and questioned about it. Worked for me because I went back in to class with a bad boy image. Dates came easy after that.

1 cop accused me of killing my husband when he died even after talking to my husband's dr. Died of liver failure: alcohol. Other cop told him to drop it

me and my sister were accused of stealing a CTR (choose the right) ring when me and my sister were 13yrs old at the mall. They called security and of course never found the ring on us. We were so upset.

I was wrongly accused of molesting my stepson. His mom made up a big story, called DCFS on me trying to get me put in jail. It was dismissed easily but the accusations will follow me for life. Almost ruined my entire life.

I was in jr high and didn't use a backpack so my pockets were full. Went into a store got accused of stealing had to empty my pockets. Went home told my mom she went down there and tore everything off the shelf

You name it! My wife thinks I'm the devil and accuses me of something new every day. Once she discovers I'm innocent, no apology..."Well, it's something you'd probably do." Recently blamed for losing my son's vaccination card right before we were to go to Hawaii...she just went off. Come to find out he has taken it.

I was accused of stealing money from a womans purse while she used the restroom at the salon. Didnt know anything about it. Went on vaca to Hawaii and came home to messages from my boss telling me the cops were there and I needed to come down. I had to go straight from the airport to the salon to give my statement. In the end it was a disgruntled friend that was jealous I went to Hawai'i. People are insane!!!!

I'm college all of a sudden friends started hosting me and when I'd show up in any group seeing people would just get quiet. Discovered a few weeks later that a girl had mistakenly said that I assaulted her, but it was my roommate not me. Luckily, after she figured out who's name was what (she thought his name was mine) she got my good rep restored!

my identical twin sister cheated. My boyfriend was the one who caught them. He originally thought it was me and accused me. Pays to get a good look before assuming

My computer & a co-workers computer got a virus. My coworker was accused of putting the virus on a disk & then giving it to me to put on my computer. Both of us written up. Neither of us did this.

BRAND new manager accused me of stealing a bank deposit.No proof but DM sided w/him.Fired me. 3 weeks later new Mgr fired 4stealing deposits&tips.DM asked me2 come back-HELL NO!!

My son in high school was accused of vandalizing another students house. I got the call from the school cop at 5 am. That it happened at 1 am and it was his car. I am not one to think my kids are innocent, but this time I new for a fact he was. He was a triathlete, he left for school at 515 am every morning. The night before we played coed softball until 11. He went home to bed. Sleep was more important than vandalism to him. The cop said he had the plates, I told him to run them. Came back not my kid. Run the plates before accusing someone!

I had a friend that was fighting with her boyfriend so she asked me to talk to him it was at their house and she was there also, and then she told everybody that I slept with him. Number one he was 15 years younger than me not cute and I would never do that to any of my friends we still do not talk to this day

I was accused of forging a Doctors signature on a report while auditors were there. I was hood st forging names, but never a doctor!! Turns out it was the boss who was accusing me.

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