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TEXT TOPIC: Did you recently get a ticket?

Got a ticket for going down a closed road that did not have a sign up saying that. The ticket was $600 but got it reduced to a failure to yield that ended up being $100

got a ticket last Wed. For not being registered 🙃 I work from home now I totally spaced. So here I was 6 months later driving in SL with expired plates

Got a ticket my back in Dec. for a car accident "following to close". The county attorney is a gal I went to High School with and are FB buddies. Have court tomorrow. Just my bloody luck.

I got a BOOT on my car at work for not "parking in the right area" but no other cars were parked around mine, they took a picture, they said the customers couldn't park there?

Driving home through Elko and I was pulled over for going 90. My response was , but I really wanted to go 90 and get home. I got a ticket to pay a fine but it will not go on record or notify my insurance

I was my way to my WIC appointment with my son when I got pulled over. The cop asked where I was going, I told him and he took my license and walked away. He took three steps before turning around and asked me if WIC stood for women, infant and children. I said yes and he gave me my license back and told me he's not taking my money.

I've been pulled over TWICE in my own DRIVEWAY & given a ticket for excessive exhaust.

I've been driving for 16 years and never been pulled over once. Recently got pulled over in a speed trap for speeding on a road I've never been on. No warning just straight ticket. Thanks Payson pd for ruining my streak

I got arrested when I was 6 months pregnant w/ my oldest. I guess I had a warrant out for an unpaid ticket I got while traveling thru Kanab UT. Thing is we paid the ticket. We found out later that some cops down there were running a scam and taking people's pymts for tickets for their personal use. Then mark the ticket unpaid. Good thing we had a receipt to prove we paid it and those cops were caught.

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