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TEXT TOPIC: Weekend Check in! What happened over the weekend?

I won tickets to Justin Bieber in 2020. Went to the show last night. It was awesome. The opening acts including Jaden Smith were great!! Thank you again!

we bought the most expensive pillows we have ever purchased $225 for 2 pillows but it was the best sleep I have ever had!-- sleep number comfort ultimate it's a three layer pillow that you can adjust the height to fit your sleep

Thanks to Entrata software we are flying to San Diego this morning with our foster daughter for vacation. So excited!

This weekend I went in with my fiancé to try on my custom engagement ring! Super stoked because it's modern but with vintage touches and we're now in the process of designing his band

Went to the USA cheer competition up in Farmington at the legacy center we came in second place they did a really good job and of course my granddaughter was the best

well I bought a few lego technic kits and binged 1883 again it was a great weekend

Went and saw Treasure Island at Hale Center Theatre! Absolutely incredible show! The "special effects" with the water and fire was amazing!

my wife and I announced to our family that we are expecting! We're 13 weeks as of this morning #Ilovemywife

I knew Furry Friday would get me one day. My husband and I left work early on Friday and made Copper the newest member of our family. He is the sweetest mini horse I have met.

Check in I dropped off my 19 year old son and his best friend to head to Marine Bootcamp and it was the hardest worst thing I have ever done!!! Time flies and 3 months is going to drag. Please keep him in your prayers for strength! Love your show!!

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