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TEXT TOPIC: Did you forget your kids birthday?

2020 my parents/fam forgot my birthday turning 34 BUT whole fam was together cause it was thanksgiving. So with the weird yr and the holiday it just skipped everyone's mind. I was there 2hrs before my sister reminded my parents

I don't remember why, but my parents forgot my 16th birthday. It wasn't until I went to bed that night that someone realized. I guess there might be something to the middle child thing.

my daughter was born on Christmas Day, a lot of my family forget it's her bday but I make it a SUPER big deal! She gets her own BDay tree

not to make any parents out there feel bad but my husbands grandparents are polygamist and somehow doesn't miss a single birthday card for all 100+ family members.

I can't remember if my daughter was born on the 30th or the 31st of January. my husband has to remind me every year

my daughter was a premie and born a week before Xmas. I remember the day no problem but it's the year I always forget. Makes it awkward at drs appointments

my birthday is right before Christmas & my family forgot until 10 pm when I told my mom no one remembered. Didn't get anything the next day either.

my birthday is in February…parents didn’t realize they forgot my birthday until May. Got my birthday card then!

my 5th was born on Thanksgiving every 5yrs he gets a special Turkey ice cream cake. But I can never remember what the date is, just that he was a Thanksgiving baby

My FIL forgot my hubs 30th. My MIL wrote him and said "can you believe our youngest is 30?!" Then his dad immediately wrote him a day later and said he was just giving him space on his bday since he was prob busy. Ya right. You forgot! Lol

My wife and kids forgot my birthday, so they called my best friend to find out when it was. He apparently didn’t know either and told them Jan 30th that was 15 years ago and every year it’s the same deal. No one really knows

my ex husband forgot my birthday every year and it has rubbed off on my kids. They forget every year too.

Whole family forgot my 16th bday. To b fair my my dad passed away 2 months b4. I got the left over cake my sister made her boyfriend for homecoming homecoming game! I'm 50 - still remind them

Every year, my momma would call me in my birthday and say "39 years ago, I was in 22 hrs in labor and gave birth to this beautiful girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART" Since my 39th birthday, she has not called me to say that anymore. I'm 44 now. She forgets and will remember sometimes. But she's pushing 80 so

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