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Our Listener wants to Meet Dak Prescott! Let's help her!

"Just so you know I basically have 9 lives and many Health challenges. I have a huge box of medical records to prove .. I’d never lie to YOU .

My health…. Oh well right?

I have never ever in my life been happy or at peace.

On Mother’s Day last year I had a heart attack.

When I thought I was leaving this earth and looked into my daughters face as she called 911 , I WAS NOT AFRAID… I ACCEPTED what I thought was coming . My daughter was in panic and fear .

I’ve had many scares these past 10 years and here this year to celebrate my 50th .. knock on wood huh? 😬

I have a bucket list … #1 is to meet DAK PRESCOTT, he’s the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys . That will probably never happen but what MAY be more attainable is a shout out for my 50th?"

Let's help listener Channel get a shout out!

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