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Utah Lake Restoration Project is Under Way!

The current state of Utah Lake is not good. Toxic algal (al-gul) blooms. Invasive reeds, called frag-my-tees, have taken over the shorelines which breed mosquitoes. And damage from years of industrial waste and sewage being dumped into it. • Gross! This is a human-made problem. It is our obligation to fix what we broke. We can’t leave the lake as it is. There’s been talk for years on how to fix the lake… the #1 problem? It’s too expensive… it’ll cost Billions of dollars (with a capital B) to restore the lake.

The state can’t pay for it. Taxpayers won’t pay for it. It just hasn’t been feasible. The only way the lake is going to be restored is through funding. And now, we have it. A way to pay for the restoration of Utah Lake: local groups have gathered the funding commitments to make it happen.

Imagine a Utah Lake that is clean, safe, beautiful and vibrant. A lake where you won’t get sick from just getting a mouthful of water.

The project includes creating islands that will help conserve tens of billions of gallons of water per year. Islands set aside for wildlife, recreation, beaches, research and vibrant eco-friendly communities.

Creating islands has been done before, successfully all around the world. There’s been years of research and studies conducted on Utah Lake by experts in the field. In fact, the Army Corps just made the application public, and will be reviewing the project. What they’re doing has been done before with great success, and the engineering and science behind it is sound. Ongoing studies and permitting will ensure the project will continue to be safe and viable. There’s so much more about this project to discover, I’m sure you’d want to learn about.

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