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TEXT TOPIC: What was the last fight you got into with your spouse?

LAST NIGHT..."you need to buy a new suit, but you're nowhere near in shape. What's your deal?!?" Me - "Uh, ok." She then went on and on. I made the mistake of saying I'd like to get under 10% body fat this year and it is the only thing on her mind. "Why are you eating that

we fought about the technique to handle a bully. I wanna go all mama bear on him and he wants to take the good cop approach.

got into a fight about how he doesn't get appreciation him doing the dishes, or basic cleaning in the house. I was mad cause I work from home take care of two kids and clean all day and I don't get a thank you. We made up and he apologized and said he didn't realize it all

The last fight my husband and I have had and we are currently still having is that he was talking to another woman on TickTock and having inappropriate conversations

last argument with my hubby was because I found out he was over feeding our already fat cat, hahah.

My wife and I fight over her being on her phone all the time I get really frustrated with it

last argument, about religion!

my husband refused to go sleep in the other room when he was coughing all night. He kept me up the first night, and the second night I went to sleep in the other room! Mama needs her sleep!

the other night i had the tv on, my husband came in and started telling him something. While telling him, he kept looking at the tv. I said i don't think you are listening to me. He said it was my fault i had the tv on when talking

My fiancé and I just got engaged over the holidays and I had mentioned something about possibly losing weight before the wedding. When we were talking about a possible wedding date, he asked if that would be enough time for me to lose weight. I took it the wrong way at first just because I'm super self conscious about my weight with the society wedding pressure but he was just referencing what I said earlier

hubby started going to the gym again and causally mentioned "I fell in love with a girl at the gym today" ummm are you stupid?! Why would you ever say that. Now you have a gym!

last fight with my spouse was March 6, 2021. I exploded on the anniversary of my sisters death, and we verbally HAD IT OUT. Dove into all of our demons, stayed up until sunrise, and addressed every issue... haven't fought since. Not once

Our last fight was when my husband gave away my ticket to the Rose Bowl because he thought I didn't want to go! Hello!!! I've sat with him at every Ute game for 10 years!!! This was grounds for divorce! Still recovering from this one.

Last argument with spouse was that I'm asking too much of our Senior High School student to have NO missing assignments at school and to have their room and bathroom clean before heading out with friends. This child has no other chores and spends all their money on clothes while we pay for phone, car, insurance, and a roof over their head. Ya, I'm a terrible parent. Right??

last fight was about the dogs. We have 3 (he had 2 i had 1) and 1 of them always attacks my dog and she is massive and has tried to kill my dog before so we keep them separated and he wonders why I don't like her. So its always a sore subject when they are brought up.

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