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TEXT TOPIC: What is an A-hole move?

When driving and someone passes you to get in front of you only to slow down.....When someone is driving slower than the speed limit in the passing lane.......When someone is driving slower than the speed limit in the express lane.....When someone makes an appointment with you and cancels 5 minutes prior....

trucker Eric. Ahole move, when I'm following someone driving slow, & i finally get a chance to go around and they suddenly learn how to go faster then slow down again after they stop me from passing

Being on family vaca with my immediate family. Me, spouse and kids and having in laws show up with other grand kids. I was so mad and I said it would be nice if you could come with just our fam on our family vaca but I made the best of it and had a good attitude after saying how I felt about it... life it to short and no one has the power to ruin MY families Vaca.

being late &texting just a few mins before starting working

d bag moves one is when you go to a shop and park in front of the bay doors and block it even when there are signs that say do not block the bay doors

being rude to customer service people for literally no reason. coffee shop manager here who always deals with the a holes

when my kid is freaking out in the store and you make a comment.. 1. I am handling it 2. Mind your business 3. Don't be surprised if my kid screams at you...

when there are 8 open stalls in the bathroom and you choose the stall right next to me ( at least that's my pet peeve haha)

When the person in front of you is texting at a red light not paying attention when it turns green

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