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TEXT TOPIC: What did you not check with the spouse about?

Bought my wife a car for her birthday. Yeah, a bit speedy, but wanted her to be safe with our baby girl. I still hear about it 18 years later!

hubs decided that I would go back to work and he would quit his after our baby was born. Didn't tell me until the night before I went back to the job I absolutely hate

on the day my hamster died I went to cuddle puppies and came back with one without letting my husband know. I also a cat cats. We both love animals and he loves them so much now but he was so mad about the dog.

my husband signed a contract for a new job without discussing it with me. He ended up hating the job! The contract was for 18 months and the boss had said he would let hubby out of the contract if something else came up. That wasn't true! He would just say anything to get someone to sign a contract.

My now ex husband and his mother would do a lot of stuff for my son without even telling me. Including taking him to get a Halloween costume and getting his hair cut. (Even though I am a hair stylist and have been cutting his hair his whole life)

he invested all our savings in the stock market

my husband bought a freaking corvette when we were barely making any money!

my husband worked with a guy at the time that worked on cars, my husband decided to install a massive sound system in his dodge magnum without telling me.. he didn't talk to me about it and then always brought it up with his car wouldn't work!

My husband paid someone 2,300 to get rid of a security system.. without even talking to me. He spoke with his mom about it. And then was confused why I was upset.

when my husband and I bought our first house, I bought 4 baby chickens before we even moved in :) hubby wasn’t too happy but eventually warmed up to having them

We just bought our first home & 2 months later my husband's friend was moving back to UT & needed a place to stay. Hubby invited him to stay w/ us before talking to me. He lived w/ us for 9 months

my husband planned an entire trip to Mexico to visit OUR tomato business and didn't tell me. when his best friend couldn't go with him, he instead invited his sister, not me. He ended up visiting all the places I wanted to see, without me. He'll never do that again- I was livid!

My husband bought a motor scooter and a motorcycle in the last month without talking to me. 🙄 Like what the heck?! Not normal.

I bought a car without him. In my defense I had been talking to him about it and our two door wasn't going to work out for our new baby. So I came home with a new car. He flipped, I almost went into labor, still married 15 years later :)

There was a family reunion, with MY family, that we weren't invited to. (Long story). My husband went while I was working and our kids were involved in their activities. Did not end well

He sold our house to a friend. I paid cash for it and was told I'm moving from Herriman to eagle mountain. NOT HAPPY!!

my spouse does not know that I've deferred our house payments twice now and come end of Feb we either have to pay it back it in full, or sign new loan agreement to tack it on at the end.

I got a tattoo without him knowing. Only bcuz he would tell me no to get it.

brought home a kitten twice... 2nd time it took him like 5hrs to even notice the new kitten

my husband leased a vehicle for his mom to help her and she would constantly make the payments late and would still ask him for money then complained that no one would help her.

my mom would always sneak one or more of our dogs in the car before we would go to Lake Powell for a week. My dad was always furious once he found out around the Provo area

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