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97.1 ZHT Secret Santa 2021


I wanted to tell you about my cousin Lisa because I want to help in some way. Years ago, when I decided to return to work to help get income for our family; I began looking around at different daycares to send my children. That’s when my cousin Lisa reached out and offered to provide relative daycare for my kids at a lower rate. She became a second mother to my kids. She treated and loved them like they were her very own. In mid-October, her baby/ toddler got sick. She took him to the hospital only to get the diagnosis of meningitis. For weeks she was by his side through scary nights and hopeful mornings. The sickness took his hearing and his ability to walk, but thankfully not his life. She is back home now, but now she spends slot of her time helping her baby. He constantly getting frustrated that he can't walk or hear himself cry. Lisa has stopped doing daycare which halted her main income. I know she can use a little extra holiday cheer this year. Thank you.


Hello, I am asking for Secret Santa to visit my friend Corinne and her family. My friend Corinne had her beautiful rainbow baby 8/19/21. on 10/25/21 there was a need for a cardiologist check that would turn their world upside down. What started as a small CT check ended up with their son Aston needing heart surgery to repair four parts of his heart and widen the arteries. The surgery was risky, 10-15% he might not survive, but 100% chance he would not survive without the surgery. 13 days later Aston was released from cardiac ICU to come home. There is still a very long road ahead, but they are home and Aston is alive. I know Corinne, her husband Caleb, daughter Lauren and Aston are incredibly exhausted and tired. We cannot be around the family so Aston can build immunities. Other than dropping off meals we feel very helpless. The medical bill will be astronomical and because they used most of their savings to buy a townhome last year Christmas must seem very daunting for them. Thank you so much for listening/reading.

If you would like to help out with any medical expenses, here is the families GoFundMe.

Matt Bryson & Family

I'm submitting for a coworker of mine. He is a father of 5 children (Adah 12, Ethan 10, McKinley 7, Jaxon 5, Tyler 3). He is the primary money maker for the household. His wife works for a school cafeteria during the school year part time. Recently he has come into some medical hardship. He suffers from siezures but they have been under control for several year. While out have lunch with a friend he suffered a seizure, had to be taken away in an ambulance and then taken to the U for treatment. Missing several weeks from work and medical bills pilling up. He was put on restrictions at work and had the worry of losing his job when his doctor would not release him back to work no restrictions.


Shari and her eight year old daughter maxed out her credit cards to move here from Idaho to escape a domestically violent situation I know she’s struggling to get those paid off and any help would be amazing she’s strong! She has had a lot of medical issues due to the stress and is trying to start a new life here.


Lynda is a young working mother of 3 daughters, she is the sole provider for her family. 2 weeks ago, she suffered from a Grand Mal seizure. As an independent contractor she doesn’t have insurance and is over her head with medical bills from an ambulance ride and 2 MRIs. Adding financial stress on to her life at this time of year I know this would mean the world to her.


Karla is a single mom of 7 year old daughter. She was recently displaced from her permanent housing due to unforeseen circumstances. She and her daughter are currently living in hotel in the area. Her car was just stolen this last Wednesday and she is unable to afford to get it out of the tow yard in SLC. She doesn't have supportive family. She manages to keep a smile on her face and cheer us all up at work. They need some magic.


Alyssa is my sister. She is the mother to three children ages 12, 10, and 6 months. Alyssa’s husband passed away unexpectedly in April of 2021, just a few weeks before the birth of their baby, Ellie. Alyssa had already stopped working to prepare for the birth of her child. Her husband did not have any life insurance so Alyssa has been living off the donations people gave her from the death of her husband. I just want to make sure my sister and her kids have a good Christmas.


My uncle Josh passed away August 2, 2021. He left behind his 3 children. Jason 15, Shay 13 and Kendell 8. They live with their grandma that's been in and out of the hospital. She's struggling to keep a roof over their heads. I would love to help make their Christmas a little special. They've been through a lot this year. Finding their dad in his bed lifeless was a devastating experience for them. Those kids need some extra love this Christmas. I think they would benefit from the help. Thanks for the consideration and for helping the families out there! You guys truly are a blessing!


Shelley lost her sister and mother this year. She has now been diagnosed with a failing liver and can no longer work. She's trying to get on the transplant list but has been in and out of the hospital in critical care. She doesn't have the health or money to do Christmas for her kids. She has a 14-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter living with her. The family has had so many hardships this year. The most meaningful gift would be help paying the bills and help with the kids christmas.


Krystle is fighting breast cancer since July and her treatments have been difficult this last round of chemo. She has been a wonderful single mom of three when she met her now fiancé and they had a child together. While she was planning her wedding for 2022, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in her mid-thirties. She has been unable to work and still has a toddler at home to care for all while trying to stay positive and focus on her treatments. They could use some extra joy this Christmas.

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