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TEXT TOPIC: You made a costly mistake at work but you didn't get fired?

I was a Machine operator and one day I cut 40 sheets to the wrong dimensions, 😬, I should have been fired! That was 10 years ago, I'm still with the company and I'm now a Shipping clerk.

I run events, we had an open bar happy hour for 1 hour, 200 people before a nice dinner up at a resort. Forgot to have them remove top shelf liquor. Got the bill back it was $88k. Was able to bury that bill in lots of others

I was doing inventory & counting these tiny things about as small as a pen tip. I dropped one and never found it. Each one was worth $30K. I was terrified.

I work in a lab and when I was new I was flustered easily because workload is super busy and I switched to patient results. Luckily I was able to call the doctor and explain the situation pretty quickly and there was no patient harm but it could have been pretty bad

approved a fraudulent transaction at the bank for 40K, the lady who was taking the money out lied to my face about where the money was coming from. I was lucky that they placed the blame at the ATM deposit and not me for giving her the 40K. Worse of all, she was scammed it wasn't even for her

work in health ins. Misspelled "count" (forgot the O) on a letter that was sent to thousands

own an audio video company and first couple of weeks of employment one of my guys climbed in an attic and accidentally stepped in a fire suppression pipe and flooded this multi million dollar home 😢 we have kept him and is an awesome employee

i accidentally fell for a fake ID at work selling beer, I was brand new like week two. It was a sting operation, got a huge fine for me and the restaurant.

payroll for the state. Coworker got scammed into changing the bank account for the governors check. So he didn't get paid

Change the banking info without verifying and sent hundreds of thousand dollars to a fraud

misquoted a bill to an attorneys office by 5K. That was a fun convo

my brother works for a window company and one day He pushed a window out of a second story house and the water main was visible broke Is the water main and the water shot straight up into the air

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