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TEXT TOPIC: When do you put your foot down at work?

There is a vendor that I had to work with as part of my job. The people are ALWAYS awful, sexist and treat me terribly. A couple of years ago my boss had this vendor bud on a job. I walked in and told him if he wanted to work with them, he would have to manage the project. I wouldn't do it. I refused to work with them again. He went with another vendor.

I just barely told my job I'm going part time so I could be there for my son or they can get rid of me. They accepted my offer

Managed laser clinic. 30day cancelation policy invalid after first treatment. Wanted us to move/cancel existing client appts &give new client treatment immediately after purchase. NO WAY! It's $$$ they need to have chance to think about it.

my new supervisor told me had to clean up teenage coworker mess in my grocery aisle. I informed him: i dont get paid to do that, U DO!

I work with a lot of well known people so I have to put up with a fair amount of bureaucracy, just the other day one of the higher ups threw me under the bus for something I didn't do to make himself look better. I stood up for myself and said I wasn't going to stand for that- it worked! He said he would fix it

Producers of Breakfast at Tiffany's wanted to remove the Moon River song from the movie. Audrey Hepburn shot out of her chair and saud "Over my dead body!" (Just learned this in her documentary)

got told by my manager at a international coffee shop to not tell a customer when the person in front of them paid for their order because it would take "too much time". Next time I did it anyways and we had a consistent line of 12 customers paying for the person behind them and I know it made a lot of people's day. Not going to deprive people of acknowledging acts of kindness because you want to save 2 seconds

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