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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Fallen Angel podcast – Victoria’s secret

Fika Reflexology

No Name Bar in Park City

Radio Rental podcast

The tie shop on Instagram

Jackson – active scape – landscaper

Muscadine bloodline band

La Casa Del Tamal in WVC delicious Mexican food and great ambience. I've also been listening to Princess of South Beach a novella on Podcast :)

The book called: Know My Name by Chanel Miller - she's the Brock Turner rape survivor. We need to talk about not shaming people for reporting sex abuse

sauce Boss Southern Kitchen announced they will be on DDD and it will air on black Friday

LOVING Smith and Thell. Looking forward to their concert in Salt Lake in January

the girl in the woods and one of us is lying on Peacock. Such good shows!

Podcast Something Was Wrong. About gaslighting, narcissistic people, etc. I love true crime and this is totally engrossing

The Harry Potter reunion is on my radar! HBO Max January 1st

I'm into two doctors vids on FB. Mama doctor Jones (she tells you not to put garlic up your who-who). And Dr. Mike. He's funny and informative

Hoppers bar and grill! I love them but found out they are closing last day 11/24 so I'm planning on going a lot!

American dream nut butters soooo good & they donate part of their proceeds to military vets

Wheel of Time series premieres this Friday. So excited to see my favorite book series on television

real housewives of SLC! The drama has me hooked and I LOVE Whitney and Heather!

love mama dr Jones. She and her family are traveling through New Zealand while she is a traveling OBGYN. Also the latest season of nailed it holiday is great and the hosts are hilarious as per usual

QuickFresh.. a health and wellness company that has CHANGED MY LIFE. Meal plans and health coaches that have impacted my life and I feel amazing!!!!

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