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TEXT TOPIC: What weird thing did your parents make you do growing up?

My dad had us put safety pins in our socks so we wouldn't have to match them after we washed them. But I never took them out and was always asked why I had it in my sock. It was embarrassing.

When we were kids My dad use to make use rub his ears, pop his toes, and step on his back when we asked to go do something ! I effin hated it !!

When singing happy birthday my parents harmonize like pro singers. Didn't think it was strange until my older brother's girlfriend burst out laughing the first time she heard it.

My mom would take me into the backyard and I would help her bury mayo jars with money in them. She told me it would grow money trees, but never happened.

My dad hated the smell of cheese, and would make us eat any cheese items outside. Even in the winter.

my dad use to make me turn the lights in and off 3 times before I walked in to a dark room

when we would back talk my mom she would put the Hershey's cocoa powder dry until we finished it.

Mom made us pack garlic in ears for ear infections. Oddly enough chronic ear infections and perforated eardrums. As an adult had a tumor called cholesteatoma. Wtf?? It's not Olive Garden up in here!!

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