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TEXT TOPIC: What is your creative side project?

I've been working on a completely hand embroidered queen size quilt for 5 years. Finally got to the point where I can hand quilt it. Trying to find the motivation to get it done, not to mention the time.

I've been writing a book about a different side of Cain for about 5 years. Id hope to complete this year but I don't think I will. I did start a podcast in 2020 Mocktails, cocktails and murder

I am currently on my recovery journey from an eating disorder. I have been wanting to make a bulletin board filled with motivational quotes and inspiration to keep me going! I just need to find the motivation to get it done!

writing a realistic and different self help book for dating over 40. It's taken a minute but I'm getting there!

Finally started a side gig making shirts and tumblers. Been wanting to for so long.

I volunteer at the Davis county animal rescue. I'm trying to reach my goal of helping 3 more animals find their loving forever home by the end of the year. Trying to find new ways to get the animals noticed

silent reign music. Local dj/producer opening up for Claptone at SOUNDWELL Friday!

Putting off making my signs and selling them

I finally fully launched my engraving business!! Pure grit engravings - on Facebook and Instagram. Now I need motivation to keep writing my book about living through abusive relationships and wanting more for my kids and myself.

took a regular gumball/pinball machine and transformed it into a 76er's theme for my brother in law for Christmas!

Cosair Adventures – Adventure Speculative fiction – James Donaldson

trying to write a kids book but I'm lost on how to find an illustrator and publisher. I think my book is going to be great though.

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