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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT?!

unless she makes some effort, she is a total lost cause, quit wasting your time

It is not the grandchild's responsibility to keep a relationship with the grandparents. Don't complain about not seeing your grandkids when you NEVER put forth the effort.

don't call me and ask for my opinion and then turn my words around when you don't like them.

Stop asking for my advice/opinion if you're dead set on yours and won't take mine into consideration (mine is usually better anyway😉)

I love you more than you will ever understand but you are becoming WAY to clingy and smothering me a little

To the individual in the roundabout at the Ogden Depot this morning, you're damn lucky I didn't have the double trailers I was on my way to pick up, otherwise you would have been on your way to the morgue instead of work. I was already in the roundabout and you'd made no attempt to yield as you entered. Just to let you know you're a moron.

don't be the a-hole that waits until your right at the exit to get over when you can clearly see the line of cars waiting to get off. We all hate you for it and it's dangerous!

you can please get out of my house NOW , you steal and lie please go .. like now !

Dear lil sis, U make working w/you a nightmare. Now that our brother is working w/us 2 NOW he understands my 'complaints' You suck! Ur hubby is just as bad 2!

I would really appreciate it if my adult cousins would get along so that Thanksgiving is easy and happy. So sick of the drama and fighting. Family matters more than inheritance.

The left lane is for passing OR going fast so get your ugly brown Dually Ford out of the way jack ass. Sincerely, a south utah county commuter

Idiot shoppers, no you can't have the Black Friday deal now. Also, don't expect me to just be able to get you the perfect turkey, its not like I go behind the store, shoot the turkey and de-feather it for you!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pay attention when you're driving, specifically on the freeway... I almost got rear ended the other day when I was stuck in a lane that was at a dead stop. The person was probably going 90 mph and clearly didn't see my stopped vehicle til the last second and almost flipped over when they swerved into the next lane. So scary. Eyes on the road people.

to all those drivers that complain about slow drivers maybe wake up earlier so you don't have to speed

this is for employers: put your lip service into action when you tout organizational focus on diversity and equity. Promoting employees into "lead" roles without any application/fair competition is purely a cover for unequitable promotions.

Slow down in school zones people. I'm talking there is no need to go over 30 in a neighborhood, especially at such a busy time

your gym pants are see-through. You're showing everyone EVERYTHING... especially when you aren't wearing undies

family doesn't understand why we won't spend $2000 to fly home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We aren't able to/have that kind of money to spend. Back off

don't pretend not to see all the new patients belongings, not do anything all night, and then leave early cause you're tired. We're all tired!

Coworkers that do not reply all in an attempt to not take ownership and accountability.

I'm leaving because as the office manager you set the tone of the office. I can't stay somewhere that doesn't respect boundaries.

you get paid to do a job so do it or I'm going to fire you!!

To the single women in all the different counties. Please don't try and save my ex-husband. He is a grown ass man that needs to start acting like one. He's a leech, and does things out of convenience. He will suck dry your finances, is a horrible parent, & it's always someone else's fault. He just wants you for your house & money.

I really hope that when the new hospital takes over that they fire your asses. You are the worst gas lighting managers ever. I won't be employed there very much longer.

extended family needs to get over their immature drama. We REFUSE to do 2 different times for thanksgiving and Christmas because certain people won't be around the others. Even after being asked to just move on and be better examples for all of the kids who are seeing this petty drama, these grown ass people won't do it!

Dear friend. Simply because it hasn't happened to you doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Making me show receipts for my trauma is further traumatizing. I'm not asking for money, or anything that costs, just that you believe me.


I have cut everyone else like you out of my life but you are my sister so I give chance after chance. I'm done

Don't say you appreciate my son on the baseball team. When your willing to let him go over 3 kids you planned on cutting. Peace biotch

Wife... please stop leaving "your time of the month" on the toilet seat. We have Clorox wipes under the sink. Use them!!

I have no idea how you have the audacity to say my subordinates don't respect me when you make it clear on a daily basis with emails that you don't respect me

to the little jerks in the souped up Dodge Dart that tailgated me Saturday night then gave me the bird for going the SPEED LIMIT, grow up!

.with all the bullying in the news it is interesting to me that nobody's kids are the bullies!

to all the drivers leaving the neighborhoods in Sandy between 1300 E and state, STOP when leaving the neighborhood. I'm tired of almost wrecking every time I leave my house

why why why are you in the left turning lane and as soon as we turn you cut me off to go all the way to the right! Learn your f**in directions!!

Everyone needs to stop making everything political. This goes for both sides.

our department is down to 3 people and I am doing 4 full time people's jobs and you barely do jack as our so called "manager". You've never learned our jobs in over a year being in your position. It's getting so old. You wonder why we've had goodbye parties for TEN good workers in the last year. You're an awful manager, it's time for you to leave so we can have an actual good leader!

the reason why we're not intimate any more is because I found your porn sites on your phone and your cheating account. By the end of the week you'll be seeing divorce papers. Have a filthy life

If I want to wear crocs she the hell up and let me do what I want

What does it matter if I invite you or mom invites you to my house for Thanksgiving, you are invited. Don't text me asking for an invite from me to my house and then "respectfully decline" if that was your intention. Then when I didn't respond to you because I went to sleep, tell me you're done and eff off. I'm done guessing what you want.

Dad if you'd like me and your grandson to be apart of your new life with your new kids then text or call me. Don't expect me know.

Dear Future employers, When you say you're going to get called back maybe you should if you want to be a respectable company maybe you should respect future employees

You’re a grown woman. Quit obsessing over Taylor swift. You’re over 50. You’re not a stupid “swiftie” Grow up. Her music sucks anyway.

hey Jeff thanks for turning work into a popularity contest tuning my career you suck

--in response 2 Swift. Damn right I'm over 50 & AM a Swiftie. & ur an adult, too so grow up & get over urself. Taylor is a good artist. Ur bitter.

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