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TEXT TOPIC: Who is in a secret relationship?

My bestie is in a secret relationship. I'm not gonna tell her I know cuz I don't like the guy and don't wanna hear all their relationship drama.

Been in a secret relationship for about a year, we're moving in together when my family moves to Phoenix in a few months. Parents think we broke up last Thanksgiving!

still married. I have been done with my marriage for 2 years now I need help to get out of debt But I just started a relationship with someone Little knows

eloped with my abusive boyfriend right before out baby was born last year. My family didn't know, only his family was there. I am now going through a divorce a year later and still only my mom and my sister know that I married him.

I've got a buddy who is in the military. He's stationed on the east coast. He told me this weekend he's got "girlfriends" in three different states currently. Secret to all the girls

I was in a 3 1/2 year relationship & hardly anyone knew. He didn't want his young kids to know.

I was in a secret relationship for 2 years. His mom didn't approve of me because I wasn't LDS. He was a big mommy's boy. #bulletdodged

my grandpa was a huge ladies man (ewww) he was incredibly wealthy and had many mistresses throughout the country but his favorite one he had for 30 years, he paid for her house, cars and colleges for her kids. We didn't know until he was diagnosed with cancer and he told us

I was in a secret relationship for a little over a year before my kids found out. I ended up getting pregnant & hid it from everyone until I was 7 months along. I just didn't want to introduce my kids to him until I knew he was sticking around. Our baby is now 8 & we're still going strong!!

My estranged dad was in a secret relationship while his second wife was dying of early onset Alzheimer's in a care home. Only 1 brother knew and casually mentioned it one day. My dad tried to keep it secret from his parents and everyone. He got married to a DIFFERENT lady a few weeks after his second wife died and he up and left this secret lady. I did some snooping and found the secret lady and called her. She is an amazing woman and was crushed when *I* told her my dad had gotten married. She thought he just needed a break and would be coming back soon. She wanted to marry him once his second wife died. She and I are good friends now.

when I was in high school my dad was dating this girl but we all knew about it because my parents were divorced (she wasn't the cause of it) and after two months into dating they're both driving me to cheer practice and I'm in the back seat. My dad's gf was in the passenger seat and had her arm across on the headrest while my dad was driving. It's dark outside and I see her hand glistening and so I look closer and she has a RING. I'm like wtf?? So I texted my dad about it later that night and was like, "so you're engaged now?" All he sent back was, "surprise! :-)" I was so bugged.

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