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TEXT TOPIC: What is your delivery inside scoop?

It is amazing to me how many people put their security codes for their secure apartment buildings onto food delivery apps just so they don't have to go to the lobby. We could probably walk in at any time if we were looking to rob a place!

daycare in Ogden never tips and they expect you to carry in 50 1 gallon cartons of milk. It's so rude. I delivered there twice. Just assumed they would give a tip... It was tons of groceries also. Not a thank you or anything! So I said something the second time and left all the stuff outside on their step. Come on people!!!

I work for one of the restaurants that a service delivers for, I cannot stand the drivers. Yes, their are some nice drivers, but also the amount I make in tips on my end has gone down significantly. Also there is a problem with drivers stealing the food. Picking them up then canceling the order.

On Uber eats you can add more to the text but if we don't see a large enough delivery at the start it might not get picked up in the first place

ok so with Ubereats, you can add more tip after the order is dropped off, just FYI. But with uber is like a gamble cause you really don't know if they're gonna tip or not or how much

fast food joints /drive through joints take their sweet time- If you're wanting your food faster, avoiding those restaurants

I do grocery delivery for Instacart which means I do not only the delivery but I also do the shopping for the customer. I had A customer who requested a loaf of French bread in a specific brand. The store did not have the bread she wanted and I even double checked with the bakery. I messaged the customer and asked if she would like a different brand or a different type of bread that was available because she didn't list any other preferences she made like on the app,but after finishing the rest of her shopping she did not respond and so I Did not get her a different type of bread.

When I showed up to deliver the groceries she met me at the door and freaked out on me for not getting her the bread. I tried to explain that they did not have it and I tried messaging her through the app for a possible substitute. She continued yelling at me and expressing that this has happened multiple times when she uses Instacart. I defended myself the best I could but I do not handle rude criticism very well. So I ended up just walking away with tears in my eyes.

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