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TEXT TOPIC: What happened over the weekend?

I did 2 morning spin classes at the grand opening of a new studio Church cycle in SLC. Also had back to back Friendsgiving dinners... ate way too much!

moved over the weekend to our new house! Huge shout out to all the friends and family that helped now this week on to unpacking!

this weekend I went wedding dress shopping Friday, bridal show Saturday more dress shopping. I found my dress!! Sunday worked my 2nd job and relaxed

My boyfriend met my parents on Saturday; they loved him! Then he & I went to dinner with his mom last night

Went to Brick's Corner over the weekend and it was UH-mazing!!

I put my Christmas stuff up after my kids and husband begging me. Sheesh.

Went to the Costco in Pocatello for alcohol

Helped make shirts for our Turkey Trot Fundraiser that is on Saturday!!

Kika here, I was Flying back from Portugal on the weekend and am so happy to be home and listening to YOU!!

Sunday night went to Wise Guys and saw Kristina Kuzmic with 2 of my sisters and Mom, had a great time she was awesome!!!

Baby boy got married Friday night Saturday was recoup day and yesterday went and bought a new stove microwave

Went to St George for our girls softball 12u tournament !! Our Team the fire Dragons did an Amazing job as a team ! My girls Kenzley and Lili killed it they both played defensively really well !! Hot weather. Good people. And. Seen my sister Tawnee 💜 Great weekend ! Welcome to 12U kids !

I attended a TONY Robbins event and it changed my life forever. I'll never be the same

went to the rescue to "LOOK" and came home with an 8 week old yellow lab

Got a new GF

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