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TEXT TOPIC: Do you live close to someone famous?

my sister-in-law lives very close to post Malone and got to watch him and Justin Timberlake play some basketball one day

I used to live by Frazier bullock. He ran the Olympics with mitt Romney. He is also a cousin to Sandra bullock

we live by Tony Finau (PGA) and the parents of a Dallas Cowboy.

Both Dan Pope & Clayton Brough, former local weather men, live in my neighborhood. They are the nicest people.

I live in the same neighborhood as Witney Carson from Dancing with the Stars, and my sister is in the same ward as Lindsay Arnold also from Dancing with the Stars.

we live right by Dallin Weekes he was previously in panic at the Disco and now has his new band IDKhow but they found me! He's been on Ellen, Jimmy Fallon, etc. super quiet guy

my wife went to visit her cousins in Florida back in high school. They live in a nice area with a boat dock in the back, and one day they took out jet skis. Her cousins pointed to the house across the water from theirs, and it was Shaq's house. He even had a cardboard cutout of himself on the dock. Classic Shaq

My neighbor! The original car painter from Bitchin' Rides he is by far the most down to earth and humble guy.

My mom grew up next to Tim Burton. He created the heck skelington character as a Halloween decoration as a teen

ived in the same neighborhood as Steven sharp Nelson from the piano guys for like 5 years

My family was in the same ward as Donny Osmond and Steve Young! We were on the Donny & Marie show and Donny saw my brother and said "This is DJ! I'm his Sunday School teacher!"

my son's really good friend lives by Logic.

lived in NJ as a nanny and lived right by Eli Manning (Giants QB) - saw him at Starbucks all the time

used to live in the same neighborhood as the Dells. They owned the whole hill so I really lived close to the entrance gate lol. Went to school with the daughter for a couple months too. Such a sweet and down to earth person

The Jazz Bear used to live next door to us... SUPER nice guy - He kept it a secret for a long time until he decided to bring the Jazz car home one day and we asked about it

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