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TEXT TOPIC: Are you related to someone famous?

In my genealogy I’m related to Lord Buckingham, who built the castle. Apparently he was a bit of a bad guy

my great grandpa started Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Our family calls then Papa Cakes in memory of him, he died when I was around 12 of Alzheimers

my wife's aunt was married to Shawn Bradley.

According to Mormon Mythology, I'm related to Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Being a "Lamanite" has its privileges.

Rulon Gardner the Olympic Wrestler is my cousin

Related to the Osmonds. Went to Merrill's wedding reception when I was 16 in Heber. He married my mom's cousins daughter. Everyone was there it was fun.

My cousin, Kate Hansen, was the girl that would warmup to Beyoncé in the Sochi Olympics in Russia. She raced the luge and would dance as her warmup.

My husband's great aunt's brother's sister's cousin's wife, sorry ex-wife, is Kate Beckinsale. Does that count?

Ariel Bybee is my dad‘s first cousin she was a soloist with the metropolitan opera for 18 seasons.

my 1st cousins husband is Tyler Kirkham, big name in the comic book world (DC. Marvel) & my Gr8 Uncle made John Wayne's headstone

I am related to Walt Disney! He's my 4th cousin twice removed!!

My fourth great grandfather is Brigham young

My great grandfather is the sculptor of the handcart monument on Temple Square and Ensign sculptures that are found at City Hall

Amberly Snyder, the now paralyzed barrel racer is my (2nd) cousin but raised together like first cousins

My friends sister in law is Nicea Degering.

our family recently found out that we are related the the coal miners daughter, Loretta Lynn :)

I'm related to a big name. Never met him. Well actually once before he was super huge. But there's not contact and no relationship at all. But I'm second cousins with lebron james. I'm Cleveland and he's from Akron so there's the other connection

can't remember how but I'm related to the infamous Jessie James. And Salem witches.

5th cousins with Arod

Chief sitting bull is my husbands 6th great grandpa

John Wayne's real name is Marion Morrison. I have heard I am related to him somehow but haven't traced genealogy to see how

my second cousin is Jonathan Davis the lead singer of Korn

I don't know how far back but I'm related to Ted Bundy and couple other serial killers way back

famous relative? More like infamous.. Warren Jeff's. But then... who isn't? Lol distant cousins on my moms side.

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