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TEXT TOPIC: Would you have married into that crazy family again?

Had I known how crazy my mother in law was before getting in a relationship or married there's no way I would have even considered it. She is to much and the cause of a lot of issues. Showed true colors after

I doubt I would have married my hubby his mom is so narcissistic. She once kidnapped hubby because she didn't get her way. Now she screams and yells at my kids constantly and tells them how disrespectful they are. She is too much.

As much as I love my husband and I can't imagine my life without my kids if I had the chance to do it all over again I wouldn't have married him his mother alone has brought back my anxiety and depression 10 times more than what I've ever had it

In laws honestly I'm not sure if I would do it again and to be honest I'm pretty sure my husband feels the same way. Not because of me or him but we are not compatible with each other's families

I would but my husband would NOT. My mother is so narcissistic and manipulative she held my wedding photos hostage because she paid for them and they were HER PHOTOS. So much more since then but the list is too long

everyone warned me about marrying into this family. Literally had to use our wedding money the day after to bail fil out of jail. Their fam is the mafia I swear. Siblings have gotten out of jail time even. I love my hubby but my in laws control him. I'm sorry, if it wasn't for my babies I'd be out.

even with my mother-in-law being batcrap-crazy my sisters-in-law are super sweet. But I could do without the narcissistic brother-in-law

I didn't get why my family drove my wife so crazy, but it got to the point where she demanded that I not talk or share any details of our family with my family. I literally had to choose between my sibling family and my wife and kids. She's the best mother I could ever ask for and crazy sexy wife so, I ended up limiting my contact with my sibling family to once a month or so, and to just texting. Sucked at first, but then as time went by, the times I did get with my family I started to see how over dramatic my family really is! Thank you dear wifey!

my family is so crazy and I didn't realize it until I got older that I should have told my husband to keep walking so he didn't have to deal with all my families crap!!

Hell to the NO! So many issues with the MIL and the rest of his fam damily. If I had known there's no way I would have done it.

almost divorced twice because of his family. Hate them. No would have NOT gotten married. Love him too much. Psycho people especially his mom

I love my husband and kids but I wouldn't marry him again because of his family, especially his mom. She is the "monster in law" although there were a couple red flags before marriage, her true colors came out after. She can't let go of her "golden child". I don't parent the way she did so she can't handle it. Whispers to my husband while hugging him and has tried to get him to be against me many many times. List goes on and on

1000% would not marry again. Not so much that he or his family is “crazy” but the cultural and family differences were not obvious until we were already in it. It is not my job to teach a grown a** man how to be observant and aware of peoples feelings and needs. (I have 3 actual children that I am trying to teach these things to)

my husband said not likely but I reminded him he got a taste of her crazy during our engagement. We moved two states away and decided to stay for a reason lol.

I divorced my ex many many years ago. I've been single ever since! Best decision I've made. My ex-mother-in-law was and still is certifiably crazy. Thank GOD I got out before we had kids. I never have to see the crazies again and my life is better for it!

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