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TEXT TOPIC: Happy Veterans Day! Who do you want to thank?

My hubby gave up 9 months of the 1st year of marriage to the army to provide for us & defend our liberties. My rock & strength. Love you more than anything

Happy Veteran's Day to my dad who served in the Navy for more than 30 years. I'm so grateful for the sense of patriotism he instilled in all of us.

Happy Veteran's Day to all that have served our great country! I appreciate all of you and your family's sacrifices!

I want to say thank you to my dad that served in the Korean War and also thank you to my husband he's an army vet and thank you to all of our military

I want to give love to my big brother Gordie is has served 20 years in the army and is going to retire soon as a warrant officer 3. So proud of him.

want to thank my amazing husband David for serving 6 years in the Air Force as a crew chief

To my husband Steven and your brothers Mike David and Damean thank you for your service. David you made the ultimate sacrifice we miss you and love you every day

there is a veteran on the overpass before 700N on 215 south saluting the oncoming traffic with a flag it's beautiful

want to say thank you to my sister Brenda Florez Herrera she served 9 years in the Marine Corps she's my little sister but she is my hero

grdpa WW2 us army 1st air force unit Grdpa Korea Several uncle's And my husband and sister-in-law

Big shout out and thank you to my hero, Chief Master Sgt Dandy! Thank you for over 30 years of service and sacrifice

my dad Joe Rodrigues is a vet, he served in the army until I was born

My boyfriend served in the Navy for 27 years. I love going to Hill Afb with him because the salute him and that little thing always makes my day. #Navy Girlfriend

I want to thank my friend Sam for his 18 hrs of service. You will always be my favorite Vet. The love of my life, the end to my red string of fate♥️

My two sons, Christian and Nathan Leishman are both Marines. Christian has completed his active duty and Nate was just deployed last week to help with the Afghan refugee crisis. So proud of these incredible men for their service to our country and the exceptional men they have become. Thank you boys for your service. Your Dad loves you.

my sweet grandpa fought as a foot soldier in WW2 when he was only 18. He passed away 2 years ago, miss him so much.

Happy Veterans Day to my brother Michael.5 tours, then reserve and retiring in Feb

Happy Veterans Day to my grandpa he's 101. Pearl Harbor and World War II

My dad served in France (Normandy) during WWII. Me & 4 sisters have a 1/2 brother in France. Met him in 2014. That's another story. We miss our amazin dad. We love our brother.

11 years ago I was home watch TV and a commercial came on for village Inn offering free food to the vets. I thought to myself "I bet my grandpa would love that". Not 30 mins later I got a call from my dad that my grandpa had passed. 11 years and I still miss him and talk to him every single day

Want to thank my cousin, uncle, and grandfathers and all the veterans for their service we don't deserve you

happy veterans to my fiancé Raynard. 4 years in the Air Force and now serving in the air national guard as a medic

Thanks to my Son Tyson a marine who served in Afghanistan for 9 months

Thank you to my hubby that joined the Airforce Reserves hours before his 40th birthday. He was gone for eight months in training and gave them young boys a run for their money. Babe you're a great example to our kiddos!

happy Veterans Day to my father in law, and brother in law -!: his brothers. The stories, and sacrifices they make are something few understand. Love you all

thank you to my two brother in laws Vaughn and Ben. Thank you for your service. Air Force and army

thank you to my brother in law, Craig Curtis, for his service! We love you!

I Served in the Airforce National Guard. And thank you for all the men and women who served our awesome country... ~Motivational Massage

one time my dog swallowed a tampon and the vet was able to get it out- wait, wrong vet. Thanks for serving Grandpa, we miss you and your sense of humor and wish cancer didn't get you 11 years ago.

My Uncle was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. He did have his life fighting for freedom. We should honor all those who defend freedom. They are incredible.

My dad served in the name and I miss him everyday. He passed away 4 years ago. Thank you to all who serve to keep America safe.

to my dad retired Air Force, to my brother currently in the Air Force! To Grandpa whom passed but was in the Navy at 17! THANK YOU VETS!

Thank my Brother Brian for serving in the army. my kids dad Kennie for serving in the military.

HVD to my brother Chris. He just lost his wife to COVID. They have four young children. He's a great father and just want to wish him love and light.

Happy Veterans Day to my dad! Craig Clement thank you for serving in the Air Force for 29 years. I love you so much!

My grandfather, John Alfred. He was a Navajo Code Talker in WW2. So proud of my language that saved this country. Thank you to ALL who have served. Your services are appreciated more than you know. You guys are the real heroes

I will forever be grateful to you and your service on Vietnam and Korea Grandpa Jerry. Always ready to help with a history project and at school every veterans day. 8 yrs without you, miss you every day

Wanna thank my Husband Rick who served in the Marines ! Ooh Rah !! ♥️

Semper Fi to my brother Stephen & Step Dad Don - Proud Marines! Thank you to my cousin Paul currently serving in the Navy!

thank you to my in-laws airforce, navy and army. Love you guys! And thank you to Mayor Taylor (North ogden) had the pleasure to work for him. God bless all veterans and future ones!

thank my father and grandfather, mother and father in law, my brother, nephew, cousin, uncles and friends. So much gratitude.

Thank you, dad. Your service in WWII and the medication you had to take the rest of your life because of what you saw and experienced is appreciated. You were and are loved. RIP

Love and thanks to my recently deceased 103yo great grandmother who was a Lt Army Nurse in WWII. Front line stories are no joke so thank you to ALL who have sacrificed their time and lives for this beautiful country

I wanna say thank you to my grandpas on both sides who fought during WW2 and my dad in the navy and uncle in Air Force during Vietnam and my brother in navy and brother in Utah air national guard.

Thank you to my sweet boyfriend for serving oversees in the marine corps. And thank you to all of my grandparents that served in the Air Force. Eternally grateful because I could never serve with all my medical problems

so insanely grateful to my grandpa, great uncle, uncles, cousins, brother, nephew and friends for their service; love them all so much!

want to thank my great grandpa for his service. He's still alive and just turned 99 this year. He never talked much about the war throughout his life, but he's recently started opening up about it. I don't blame him after hearing some of the things he's been through. So grateful for all who serve and sacrifice for our freedom.

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