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Frankie and Jess

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TEXT TOPIC: Do anything that would get you banned from

I have a TikTok account where I read secrets anonymously. A lot are sexual abuse. Afraid my boss will find it

I am a cannamom. I smoke a lot. It really does help me and am such a better mom when I can relax and I am learning trick so I can get off of it.

we are part of the polyamory community and also have a risqué onlyfans site, if the small town we live in found out the Mrs would lose her job---we cut out any faces and any other identifying marks that someone in the community might recognize

adult topic I sell under garments such has underwear, bras, socks etc that I've worn for a certain amount of time. I get money for this. I'm sure if my kids school or even my family found out it would explode.

adult topic I write smut and have 2 kids that l volunteer in their classes

did some calendar modeling in my 30s . Quit because I didn't want my kids to see mom in friends garage

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