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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your Radar?

Literally Podcast- Rob Lowe / the boys – memoir of Hollywood and family – Ron Howard/Clint Howard

Doc – Gather – Netflix

South Mountain Community Church

Pumpkin pancakes at Sunday’s best

I love playing League of Legends so Netflix's Arcane is freaking sweet

Heels on STARZ super good, about wrestling and these two brothers. 10/10

Carnitas Michoacán 3233 Washington Blvd. Great authentic Mexican food, welcoming atmosphere. Portions were HUGE for prices. Unbuckle your pants.

OMG DEXTER: New Blood!!

Mental health matters podcast –iheart radio app – Dr. Burton and Liz

What's on my radar for Yellowstone series on Paramont channel amazing

my aunt and I just started a new dog walking company in Utah county! Follow us Paws in Utah

cutlers PB chocolate cookies. YUM

A Netflix show called "Maid". Great at showing the struggle of a single mom trying to get away from domestic violence and trying to make it on her own.

on my radar-Dopesick on Hulu. About the OxyContin rise/take down. Michael Keaton is in it. Fascinating and frustrating to watch

In the Dark series - Netflix

Cheddars Scratch Kitchen. Closest one is in Denver and they're more common back East. Get the Monte Cristo. SO GOOD and yes better than Disneyland

Fika reflexology

A Night of Broadway Disney at the SCERA in Orem is on my radar! The lineup is epic!!

The French Dispatch movie sooo good !

Will Smith new book is on my radar. Just started reading it and it is so good.

Kitchen 88 in AF. Yummy food!

Dovydas on YouTube. Stubbled across this dud and he's bad ass. He is literally a musical genius one man band shell check him out

Motivational Massage on Instagram for daily Motivational video Quotes. They are great!

K9 lifeline in Sandy! Heather beck is one of the best professional dog trainers in the nation and her facility offers both training and boarding with VIP for your dogs! Check them out K9lifeline.NET

Manoli’s in downtown SLC! Amazing Greek food

Real Housewives OF SLC. I love a train wreck!

Moxie Weighted Blankets. Totally helped me with my insomnia! They are a local small business. Love them!

Dune the movie was amazing! Super long for a part 1 but totally worth it. It's a must see!

YOU MUST ALL WATCH TED LASSO!! Oh my gosh!! It's so great!! Jason Sudeikis is so so good!! The cast is amazing!

Vibe Tattoo Utah moving to Bountiful. @vibetattto.ut on Instagram. Detailed fine line tattoos - beautiful work

rescue 911 lone star. Love it!! So awesome.

monsters among us podcast! Check it out. Derek puts on a great paranormal show

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