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TEXT TOPIC: What do you regret buying?

regret the FurReal Walk-a-Lot toy for my daughter's Christmas. FYI the toy has no off button.

regret buying my new car from a dealership. I have had nothing but problems with it since I drove it off the lot. I've spent a couple hundred dollars fixing 1 problem after another... never ending.

My house. The market was so competitive even 3 years ago when we bought that we rushed into it, and it's not a floor plan that works for our family. Debating selling it or renovating.

900 dollar telescope. I can see the rings on Saturn and moon detail but it's so boring already

peloton and an air fryer!

Sorry but not sorry I hate our Pelaton. I have tried to like it, my hubs likes it kind of. But I can't get into it!!

bought a hamster yesterday.... regretted it shortly after. I already have 4 cats and a dog but I guess I needed a hamster yesterday and now I have a 2-3 year commitment with him. He's cute though! Haha love it.

Bought a $3500 sectional last year and I 100% regret it. The couch quality is horrible, uncomfortable and I haaaaate it so much I am considering buying a new one this year.

hate our sectional. It was expensive. Every section is a different softness, it broke and ripped right after we got it and they won't fix it even though there's a warranty. It's junk.

my car. Did 0 research just wanted an midsize SUV Very pushy sales man and I wasn't prepared Now Im upside down living on a prayer till the end of my loan.

I hate all the exercise equipment we buy... elliptical, treadmill, bike... we never work out.. who are we kidding? Anybody need an elliptical lol?

Dyson Airwrap. What a joke. That thing costs $600!!! It doesn't work like it should. Also the wave wrist wearable that's supposed to help with hot flashes or cold flashes. Doesn't do a dang thing!

stairslides they are horrible. They go too fast and you bout break your butt on the floor. They have a pad now I've never tried. I tried to return it and they never respond. Horrible customer service

Kirby vacuum. I hate having to change all the attachments

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