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TEXT TOPIC: What adult tattled on you?

Had a coworker tell on me that our work wasn't being swept to the file she saying it was me days later I was finding all these files were not in the file started looking who had worked them YEP! It was her not me transferring them over...🤣...looks like that back fired! Haha

A baseball mom cried to the coach that she was intimidated by me.

my mother-in-law tattled on me... She called my husband and told him that I treated her badly (which I didn't lol) and she didn't want to see me anymore...the next day she called me and acted like nothing happened

Used to work with a girl that was super jealous of my friendship with our other coworker. She caught wind that the other girl and I were hanging out without her and called our boss, while our boss was off work, to tell on us for leaving her out.

my older brother and sister used to go to my dad and tell him that I drank, my dad is Highup in the LDS church. My sister is a drug addict and my brother is an alcoholic. So they were trying to get in good graces with my dad because I thought they were going to get all this money when he passed away. My dad just laughed about it, I said guess what dad I have sex too because I'm in my 40s both laughed

prank called my sister and her adult roommates. They called the cops on me for telephonic harassment

Raised LDS. gma called me 1day askn how my hangover is, bcuz someone from church saw me at the liquor store

I am a teacher and got hired at a new school before the previous school year was over. I met with my new team but things were off and I sat there while two of them talked and didn't give me the time of day. So to break the ice I asked "what's the dirt at this school?". The team lead tattled to the principal that I asked this and said that this means I'm a huge gossip and it set off so many problems for that year. I quit at the end of the year, they were super toxic

My dang kids tattle on me to my wife every chance they get... yes they're adults... little shysters know Mom hold the keys to our bed..

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