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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT text?

hey D why even bother showing up if you won't do your job? Must be nice getting paid to watch other people work. How are you not embarrassed?

Here's your weekly reminder, Amanda. STOP BEING SO DESPERATE. Have some respect for yourself. Have dignity. You need to heal within first before pursuing anything meaningful. It's sad watching you claw for anything to look at you.

just cause YOU dont believe in infertility, dont tell me that I'm infertile cause I dont have enough faith or prayer. You're ignorant & naive #familysucks

jess stop shorting words say the full word it does not take that long to say the whole word

To the employee who walked out without notice. Your true character is showing. Good luck in your new project.

if you want to be a home owner then you need to take on allll the responsibilities just not the title

I get that you are not wanting to do your job. But don't ask me up drop everything I'm doing when I'm working with three doctors.

To the dad driving like a bat out of hell through the middle school drop off, take your miserable, middle aged, overweight self and go to your crap desk job in your Nissan Sentra. I'm sure you won't hear this because you're too dumb to listen to a good radio station such as this.

when patients write off their own interest charge after not paying their bill for 6 months or more. Pay your bill!!!

why the heck did you come to school sick?? You ended up having covid putting us all at risk. Maybe if you got vaccinated you wouldn't have got sick in the first place. Idiot.

Just because you make more money than me, it doesn't mean I can't afford my life. Offering to pay for my things is you bragging.

coworkers, stop asking me if I'm pregnant again. A) my son is barely a year old a B) I'm aware I haven't lost the weight. I'm trying. It's rude.

to the people who still can't figure out how to use the express lane or left lane- get the f out of the lane if you're going to go under the damn speed limit... you're Killin me. Oh and your vanity plates are NOT cute

You may have won the money, but you have to wake up and be yourself every day. That is punishment enough. And to your bride, I hope you got a prenup. Whatever he did to me he will also do to you.

Sick of being short staffed at work, grateful for yesterday's segment with who's hiring cause I'm leaving - Peace out Greg, you suck as a person and you're a worse manager

I don't care how you feel about wearing masks... If a business has a sign saying it's required then just wear it or don't go there - The workers aren't making the rules - Be Respectful

to my boss who won't take out the non compete and prevents all of us from leaving and working anywhere in salt lake or Utah county. Instead of making us prisoners, make an environment that makes us want to stay!

don't ride my butt if I'm in the far right lane. If you want to go faster you can move to the left, that's how it works! Signs literally say slow traffic to the right

If you order DoorDash GrubHub Instacart, please tip the people that are doing your shopping for you or picking up your dinner. We're saving you so much time and effort when we do this for you appreciate people. Don't be a douche canoe

Hey boss...I waited for you to do the right thing, but you kept putting off the promotion that you know I deserved. I'm joining a new team within our company. While you may feel this is leaving you high and dry...blame yourself, man.

4 that guy to get misdemeanors is outrageous! I'm stuck as a felon for life for struggling with addiction. Never had any violence or people/property crimes. WTF

why don't get you a job, take care of your child instead of having us. Been way to point of this crap

if your doing to spend 20 min to unload your kids get out of the drop off line and go park some of us have to get to work!

dear semi, speeding up & almost ready ending me is a jerk move

The H outside a hospital does not mean Hotel. Nurses are not your personal maid, waitress or slave.

I was looking at the menu on the wall. I was next, I by myself for lunch. Don't skip over people, a simple hey you're next is all we need. Don't teach your kids to be dishonest in the minimal, because they will be dishonest in the bigger things.

it's great that as our GM u can ghost ur employees 4 weeks but acting like a child &yanking my work out if my hands b/c you think I'm 2 slow is INAPPROPRIATE. I know how to do my job, I've worked here 3x/long as you have, chill tf out.

we are family but you are becoming toxic. If I create boundaries you don't like to bad.

to my brother in law, stop trying to get me to come back to my old job, I left because of you, treat people with respect and maybe you won't lose more employees

I fully support tipping drivers but when my food comes smashed and broken and you obviously took no care of my food, I'm not gonna tip you. You're causing me more effort now cause you're rude and lazy.

If you see my terminally ill husband outside, please DON'T ask him to help with your yard work! There's a good chance that's the first time he's been out of Bed in a long time

People please start forming your OWN opinions of others rather than letting the negative Nancy's influence your outlook

speed the f up 😂 I gotta go to work

2 the lady who blocked 2 lanes of school drop off traffic 3 minutes so u can back into a stall..get the f out of the way

To my mother-in-law, you overstayed your welcome this weekend. I had a 8 day work week and you chose this past weekend to come? We offered a free hotel stay and neither of you took it to be "polite" but let's be honest, it was your pride. I needed some self-care time this weekend. Then you manipulated your own son to stay longer... I don't think you're staying over again for a while.

Dear bro in law, stop checking up on me, I'm not going to ruin my kids place of living or ruin their lives. Get out of my life!

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