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TEXT TOPIC: Start off on the wrong foot and now you are best friends?

in elementary school there was a kid and his brother that moved in. For some reason we hated each other and wanted to fight each other until randomly one day we became best friends. I'm now roommates with one of them and like brothers with both of them.

I was a call center Team Lead; new agent refused to read articles (which is policy) & just asked questions instead (Not supposed to do that). She drove me crazy but now she's one of my BFFs!

My former boss. I straight up told him I despised him on his 2nd day. (Not my personality) Now I go to him for anything & everything.

My mother in law. We didn't get along for the first 4 yrs her son and I were married because I put down boundaries. Been married 12 yrs and we now get along great

there was this girl at the bar that I used to go to and we really didn't like each other, due to a boy I'm sure, but then 9/11 happened and we all had a big moment together one night and her and I made up that day and we've been friends from that day forward!

My now bff and I were competing for a promotion at work. Hated each other. Now we hang out with our families almost every weekend.

I came to an office with my boss, he became President. The office was established. So in I come and everyone was either threatened or annoyed that I was coming. I am a fun, nice, and non-contentious person. Women can be mean and cold, but now <3 months > later things are good. We even talk about RHSLC

I was warned about a person coming into a job that they hated every new person and she didn't like me at all!! We went out rounds but when we became friends we stayed friends and are today but the bestie I had in that job we are no longer friends because she went into management and it ruined it!

a new girl started at my work She was younger, inexperienced, prettier, and FAR TOO PEPPY for me! I asked to not be put in the same office as her, since we were both assistants. Nope, they stuck me in a tiny room with her. Then she got pregnant. She started puking in the garbage, napping on the floor, eating all of the time, and crying every day. It took a few more months, but we are best friends now!

met Austin because he was dating my friend we were in high school and he was 4 years older so I got super protective and didn't like him. Now we are best friends and my friend even thought he left them for me because we got so close

Started a new job. The other doc warned me about my nurse. She was sassy and bossy as hell! So, I stayed away from her. Until she confronted me and said "what's your problem? Why do you avoid me?" Come to find out, the other doc was worried I'd "steal" the nurse from her. Now the other doc is gone, my nurse and I are inseparable and BFFs. People even think we are sisters

guy friend and I got in a huge fight, he called me a bitch, 6 months later I started dating then married a friend of his. After a few tough conversations we are better friends than him and my husband.

2 guys I know, got into a fight in 3rd grade. 1 mom made them apologize & after they became best friends for 30 years

in 7th grade, I liked a guy and let him know it. He broke up with his girlfriend that day. We kissed at a party the next time we met up. I thought he was a bad kisser, so I broke up with him. His ex didn't think very highly of me, obviously. She and I became locker partners the next year and have been bffs since. We're 44 now! Bub and Tut for life!

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