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TEXT TOPIC: Did something scary happen at the concert?

OMD/Depeche Mode GA back in the day one of friends passed out and the crowd pushed her up on their hands to the back of the arena

went to the last Neil diamond concert back in 2007 and we took trax to the concert the trains were so full they were pushing people down the stairs against the doors, I ended up being one of the ones pushed up against the door. I had a panic attack before even getting in to the concert

took my daughter to see Billie Eilish. It was waaaaay oversold. We had got there early and were close to the front. I could feel the crowd pushing us so I made her move up towards the back by the gates. It was so unsafe!!

went to a something corporate concert and managed to make it to the front of the crowd. People kept pushing me against the barrier. Security didn't care and I almost ended up passing out. Managed to make it out before I did. Concerts are much more enjoyable from the back.

January 1991 for AC/DC. I was 19. 3 teens were killed

Me and my friend was pushed in a mosh pit. I'm a 5"3 girl and she is 5"1 I had to punch some one to get us out

I went to a concert of a very popular hard core alternative band at the time, and my friend and I (who are both very tiny) found ourselves in the middle of a mosh pit. Some big dude almost knocked me over and was right up against my whole body as I was trying to escape and I went into survival mode. I went to grab hold of whatever I could and squeezed as hard as possible with nails and all... it was his gut. Got him off me pretty fast though!

Sturgis Bike Rally, Toby Keith concert. I thought it was cool to be right up front, NOT. I was getting smashed against the railing. My brother had to save me.

went to a concert 13 years ago -a huge mosh pit formed around me and I’m only 5’1 110lbs, my boyfriend had to fight his way through it to get to me to pull me out, it was pretty terrifying

went to a concert at the fair in California when I was 15. I was up front when people started to get pushed together and a creepy guy started to grope me and my chest and bottom half. I kept pushing him away but he wouldn't stop. A guy I went to highschool with saw me and punched the guy in the face, grabbed me and moved me far away from the creep.

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