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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you dreading to see over the holidays?

thanksgiving I have to hang out with my Narcissist father in law. He can only talk about himself. NEVER says thank you for the meal. He is such a jerk

my husband cousin and his wife.

The evil step mother

my sister. It's always about her. She never cares to hear about others. She always make it about herself even after my time to share

my MIL. Deserves total of birth giver at best. I'll have a newborn and I'm already plotting not going or to Christmas stuff with out of state travelers. Kim is a terrible manipulative person

Holidays mean I have to see my sister. I just dont like her. She crossed a line many years ago and I dont think it'll ever be the same.

My brother in law. He should be a registered sex offender and he makes everyone uncomfortable. He comes to everything & he thinks he's the life of the party.

we used to go every other year to my hubbys fam and mine, too much drama so we're going to once again have a very untraditional thanksgiving with just us our and 2 kids and surf and turf

my bro's wife. She's so cold and serious and distant. Fist fought my sister once. Not to mention stupid - my bro has a child out of wedlock she has no clue about

my cousin, he starts drinking and gets aggressive he can't go a holiday without drinking. He got in a fight with another cousin on my wedding, no one likes being around him

Christmas with my sister in law. She is passive aggressive and has a grudge on me for I have no idea.

my cousin she is always looking for attention even if that means using her kids. Big lair (crazy cuz she believes her lies). Now that I'm married my father-in-law fake person, was never there for his kids but my hubby has a big heart and wants his dad to be part of his life but you can tell his dad doesn't and just do it to look good.

we have to see my in-laws, even after they have ghosted me and talked so much smack about me to my husbands ex. My MIL became bff with his ex this year, I hate them both so bad. Never did anything to her, she says she doesn't respect me because I haven't give my husband a kid like his ex, he already has 3 and I have 2, we are being smart and not having more, apparently that makes me a bad person

my mother-in-law is a royal B*+#% she thinks everyone owes her something

Hoping my mom doesn't invite her sister and kids. Sick of their mooching. Aunt can't cook & the cousins don't contribute ANYTHING! They don't even help with dishes after we've been cooking for the family for two days solid. IM DONE!

I don't want to be around my husband's family or 18 year old step daughter. Daughter has spread so many lies about me that it is ruining my career. The kicker is his family believes her and not us

Wife's crazy step mom and her manipulative dad. Step mom has never had kids before and treats all the kids like crap. The dad does nothing about it. Super manipulative and they try to force church stuff on everyone.

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