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TEXT TOPIC: What did you do over the weekend?

I put Christmas decorations up

Eric. Finished scuba cert at the crater. Stayed at the Senator b and b. Delicious crepes omg. Then Sunday had a big birthday party with family lots of food

Went to Idaho Falls for a girls weekend 😂 Everyone made fun of us but it was a blast! We went shopping, went to a dairy for milk, got some potatoes, ate good food, had good drinks and hung out with some of my best friends! Even visited their amazing sex shop😂🤷🏻‍♀️. Us mommas needed a break! –Lacee

I worked Frozen on Broadway at the Eccles this weekend on Friday and Saturday it was a beautiful production full of special effects! :) super cool

this weekend we put 4500 Christmas lights on our 52ft pine tree in our yard for the 1st time. It was a lot of work but the end was worth it!

saturday i called in absent at one job so i could attend the wedding of my boss for my other job!

saw Finneas at The Depot on Saturday. He is so talented and the concert was amazing!

This weekend was my birthday weekend, and I got a cordless iron! (I have a very small business) It's such a cool iron

Celebrated 23 years with my hubby. Spent the weekend downtown

my son was baptized on Saturday. He was soooo excited! Then a fun birthday party after.

decorated my 4th Xmas tree

Purged!!!! We have 20 bags of clothes and misc items to donate! It feels soooo good!!! Friday Disney on Ice with y 5 year old. Hiked the Mayor in North Ogden!

Been in our house for 26 years redid the pantry downstairs it was just cinderblock and some boards actually cleared it all out and put shelves in looks wonderful

went to Montana to see the boyfriend for the weekend!

My sister got married this weekend

we got our new company started. Reign IV (mobile IV) we come right to your house to help you feel better, hangover, sick, dehydrated, more energy!

we went to West Virginia to visit my husband's old assistant and antique shopping and spend a lot of money on Vintage Pyrex

spent time for the 1st time with my 1st nephew. My brother and his husband had him via surrogate. He is beautiful! I may have shopped a little for him.

Went to watch my son play in a lacrosse tournament in Vegas. They were missing 5 players but still did so good. 2028 true utah lacrosse did amazingly

spent the weekend fixing my new car

watched my nephews win their state championship game football game. And pierced my nose

came home from a week in Los cabo Mexico! Beautiful weather

totaled my car and was in the hospital

my son won the Olympus youth football championship game on Saturday! Go Oly!!!!

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