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TEXT TOPIC: What is your small lake city story?

equity "expert" attacked me in a department meeting accusing me of being a racist among other things. Left the meeting in tears. Found out two months later we went to high school together.

After my husband and I met under completely random circumstances, put together that he was a regular customer at a café I worked at although we never met. Even more, we lived on the same street, and his best childhood friend was my roommates older brother. The kicker is, when they were best friends, they all lived in St. George. It wasn't even Salt Lake and yet we came together somehow 20 years later.

I'm adopted, at least that is what my family tells me, Ha. I found out I had a full blood brother up in Boise in a year later found out that I had a half-sister the group in the same town as me and Orem. She went to school with my adopted older sister.

ran across this lady @work. quit my job aftr baby. Ran into her the gym in WVC. we moved 2 Tooele new community. Saw her @ that local gym. Then I saw her by my mail box. Then my hubby says I met the nghbors directly 2 our right. Sure enough it was the same lady a came across 3yrs ago at work.

I was on a few different dating websites to date both women and men (I'm a woman) and I match with this guy on bumble, we went on a date at his house and I met his lesbian roommate that I had already matched with on hinge. So ironic!

broke up with a bf b/c i didnt want to get married. Less than 1 year later I was getting married to someone else and my fiance/hubby was talking with my old bf's father who worked at the place we were getting married

Met a guy off of tinder, only to find out the next day that he was one of my good friends ex husband 🤦🏻‍♀️ And I had just never seen a picture

moved to a new Elementary school and so I made new friends, later that week went to a party of an aunt that recently lived in Mexico, my new friend turns out to be a cousin.

In 1989 my oldest brother won an essay contest and went to DC as the prize for it. There were kids from all over the country. The next year my sister won it. She's in DC introducing herself to the group and someone asks if she's related to my brother. (Recognizes the last name.) 3000 miles from home and runs into a friend of my brother.

I was in a group therapy and had been going for 2 weeks and we was introducing ourselves again and the Therapists said her name and where she was from. Come to find out she is my cousin's aunt and she used to babysit me. I am 39 haven't seen her in 35 years

I'm from a small suburb of Sacramento & my BF is from WY. He's been in UT for 4 years, but lived in Sacramento before he moved here. Neither of us are from SLC!

Years ago as a teenager I'd pass by a house on my way home I'd pass this really nice looking lil truck. About 3 years later I started dating a guy and he pulled up to the house in that lil truck... all these years later that lil truck sits on the side of my house & the best memories of the best hubby in the world.

had a 2 night stand with a guy in Nov 2014 that I met at a karaoke competition. 2017 he started working at my job. I didn't recognize him and it took me a good half hour of chatting w/ him to realize!

in second grade, my classmate went to hawaii over Christmas break. He was on the beach relaxing on a beach towel. He looked over and our second grade teacher was under an umbrella next to him and his family. Crazy coincidence

I was on my church mission in Canada. I was on the train and this random lady saw me and was like "are you from Syracuse" I had no idea who she was. She associated me with Utah since I was a missionary. Apparently her boyfriend that she met on world of Warcraft lived in Syracuse and his parents are friends with my parents. Craziest thing ever.

when I met my hubby found out his brother has been besties with my cousin for their entire lives

my biological dad was never in my life. My mom met my dad (he adopted me) they got married and were talking one day, turns out he was engaged to my bio dads cousin and she was/is best friends with my aunt. So crazy how that happened. Have never met my bio dad and don't want to. But my dad (adopted) is seriously amazing! So grateful for him!

Me and a girl on my cheer team here in utah were talking and we figured out that her and her family lived in my aunt and uncles house in California while they were on their mission!

while visiting my family in Minnesota, my husband goes to the hotel bar and winds up running into a work buddy from here in SLC

Grew up in California. Moved to Utah in 99. Moved across the street from a girl i had gone to school with in the sixth grade

was talking with a friend one night about the date he had earlier that day. Halfway through the conversation the guy started messaging me on Match, over 5 years later we're still together.

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