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TEXT TOPIC: What are you nervous about right now?

I'm nervous about the upcoming army promotion board to Sergeant First Class. I'm currently getting all military schools, education, awards updated

I beat cancer in August and my last CT scan shows new masses and my cancer might be back

nervous to start college. I'm 41 and I suck at math and that's what has held me from going before now.

i'm getting all my top teeth pulled tomorrow so I can get my new ones pretty nervous

I'm stressed out cause my wife isn't working and wants to stay home with my step daughter who is 10. We had a major fight Monday night

nervous about our IVF transfer last Sunday at RCC. Hoping for good news next Friday

All the money I owe in taxes! Ahh

teaching high school has got me frazzled. Students are not caring this year and feel very entitled. I've never had so many students fail my class, or dealt with so many behavior problems.

my ex is making me frazzled. He torments me in a way that isn't always obvious to others, but he knows exactly what he's doing

my daughter has been in the hospital with pneumonia since Sunday and she is 22 weeks pregnant I just want her to be able to go home soon

trying to close on my old house, while getting the financing and closing ready on the new house--SO many issues coming up: the appraisal might not come in on time- that would push back the closing on the new house! I move out of my old house TOMORROW! 🙈 husband is currently deployed with the Navy...

we have a HUGE 5S audit to be able to keep our certification coming up next week at work.

Stressing about a baby shower. She's due in February, baby shower is next weekend. I do a surprise baby basket with a crocheted baby blanket. Hadn't started and now crocheting for hours every day. Not sure I will finish in time.

sons highscool basketball tryouts. He's smaller than most but works his butt off. He really loves the sport.

Nervous everyday to do my job cause I am a crossing guard and people don't pay attention and I have already been hit once.

Nervous about my diagnostic mammo 11/10 Diagnosed with cancer Nov 10 2020 and petrified its back

My grandfather just found out that he has stage for cancer. He he is 90 years old and it's old and has decided to not get treatment

coming out to my extended family before the holidays. So fun!

I'm really anxious about the upcoming holiday season. It feels like it should be a happy time but for our family there is also a lot of sadness and we miss family members that should still be here with us. Im scared I'll get depressed again

I'm nervous of starting Basic Military training. I'm 35 year old female, Joining air National guard

I am anxious because I am bringing my boyfriend that my family doesn't know about to Thanksgiving and im a guy

my hubby and I have our first marriage counseling session today. Very nervous but also cautiously hopeful

Paying my rent and for my car

my husband's ex wife just showed up at our house yesterday after 4 yrs of being absent. She is literally crazy (severe mental issues) and we're worried about what she will do to us

I have a nerve ablation on nerves in my cervical spine in a few weeks. Pretty nervous

nervous about our 18 year old disabled daughter that dropped out of high school and ran away with not so good person. Now they are spreading lies that could end my career. Praying she gets her crap together before it's too late.

Competing in my first body building comp next week. So nervous!

I'm nervous about giving my two weeks notice. Currently deliver and peak season just started so I know they'll be mad. I wasn't expecting to get this new job but it is way more money and less stress.

I lost 30+ pounds during pandemic!! Most people gained. Walks and exercise, watching what I eat, portion control. Cooking healthy meals. No eating out. I'm nervous now that I will gain all that weight back. Need to get back on track!!

I'm crazy nervous starting my new job as a 911 dispatcher on Monday. I hope I can live up to their expectations.

I just sold a house and putting into a new property. I have 45 days to find the new property. I'm only on day 3 and I'm losing sleep over it.

nervous about starting Respiratory therapy school in January

I'm nervous to start my new job. It's completely different than anything I've ever done over the last 25 years.

I'm anxious about an interview today for a job that would be $25k more than I make now and an amazing opportunity. Send good vibes my way please!

Im nervous because I have to tell my girlfriend's dad that I want to marry her...

nervous about being able to get my 20% down on my new house build during all of this prices went way up.

my current ex is on meth and that is the reason why we didn't work. I have had to get a protective order against him but he told me a paper won't stop him. Nervous for myself and kids.

Im worried cause I broke up with my bf of 5yrs on and off. And now possibly moving from west jordan to Roy. For a job and better opportunities for my kids

my son is a senior in high school. I'm nervous about being able to afford the cost with all the graduation stuff... and I don't want to think about the cost of college

I'm nervous for My 14 yr old daughter. She's been struggling to stay up in school and telling lies. I just worry about the direction and how I can help her. Teenagers are hard.

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