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TEXT TOPIC: Who is missing a finger or toe?

my aunt worked in a butcher shop in Colombia and my mom got her the job and while grinding the meat she got her fingers caught some how and lost 3 fingers, mom felt so guilty

my uncle is missing half his pinky finger, the ladder he was climbing malfunctioned and slide down on it cutting it off.

My sister was missing her big toe. She called it "Casper the friendly toe."

worked with a guy that tried to outrun the knife on the shrink wrap machine. We call him nine and a half now. He's a proud member of the nub club.

I dated a guy with the last name of finger and while we were dating he had to have one of his toes amputated because of an infection! Ironic!

my father in law lost his big toe in a desert race when another guy went the wrong way on the course and got hit with the footpeg. Now he has 4 grandsons and we use it for everything, don't pick at your toes cause it will fall off like grandpas! And the grandkids find things like potatoes and will give them to him to replace his missing toe haha

my sister lost the tip of her finger while bouldering she lost it just before her knuckle so her "stump" still moves lol

My brother-in-law had a bucket of a construction truck fall on his foot and chop off almost every single toe on his foot

My dad as a child jumped into a glass coffee table. Over the years they could never get it to quite be right. finally had to amputate a few years ago my kids call him TOPA (Toe-Paw) instead of grandpa

I was a kid in the 80's. My dad lost his 2 small toes in a coal mine, tip of his finger by a gun, other tip of finger in a lawn mower.

Elementary school teacher was missing a thumb and finger. One of his remaining fingers was surgically moved to be a thumb.

I am missing my toe on my right foot but. Got chopped off by the steel toe of a boot when I worked for the fire department

had a high school teacher who lost some of his fingers due to a machinery accident and they actually ended up removing some of his toes and putting them on his hand

My Grandpa is 101. He is missing about half of his 3 middle fingers on his left hand. He got them chopped off in a lawn mower when he was a young boy. Ended up being a fighter pilot in World War II and worked a civilian job for the FAA until he retired. He is also a master is a master woodworker and has never let it stop him from doing anything.

prior supervisor missing half her index finger due to a lawn mower accident when younger. She always has acrylic nails minus that finger

when my cousin was 15yrs old blew his thumb off lighting a firework in the woods with his friends 🎆 we love to give him the thumbs up

My father in law is missing 3 fingers. He sawed then off while cutting hardwood to install flooring at a clients house

father in law chopped off 2 1/2 fingers with us lawn mower... just like in the movie The Ringer..Stavi Goodbye anyone?

my papa chopper off his pointer finger with a saw! This was before the fancy auto stop saws

i knew a girl that had 3 toes amputated after a tree fell on her. Way more complicated than that, and she's lucky to be alive after the accident.

My co-worker has a second job at a dog food warehouse. He cut off 3 fingers on a band saw. Without thinking I said "we're going to be short handed without him"

I know a guy who lost part of his middle finger by overinflating a tire. The tire burst and blew his finger tissue apart. He wears the bone around his neck on a chain.

My bosses son lost his thumb, index and middle finger in a snowblower. they ended up taking his ring finger and putting it in the place of where his thumb should have been to make it more user-friendly😜Crazy!

had a classmate in Spanish class tip his desk over on accident. Stuck his around the desk to catch himself and ended up chopping off the tip of his middle finger. It was no Bueno

I know a guy that was born with no big toes. When he got married we joked about getting him flip flops

trucker SmurfDaddy- Had my pinky finger smashed off in a hydraulic roller when I did fabricating, able to reattach it and have full use of it

friend's son lost a toe to a spider bite...his other kids called him 'faux toe'. I have a friend who lost a finger (not sure how) he keeps it in his freezer.

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