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TEXT TOPIC: What are you waiting for and how long have you been waiting?

Dexter!!!!!...been waiting years. And on Netflix there is a new series about League of Legends

patiently waiting for him to put a ring on my lonely finger... Going on five years together, that's long enough right? RIGHT???

A part for my daughters Jeep. Been waiting 9 weeks with no ETA.

Wife and I decided it's time to start trying for a baby. I've wanting a kid since i was 16. Been waiting 10 years! So excited ‼️

trucker Eric, ordered a new seat for my semi. Been waiting 8 months. Covid this Covid that. No leather, no memory foam, no workers, just one excuse after another

I have the most patience ever! Waiting to win the lottery.. !!

I've been waiting for 20 years & still have 3 more to go to apply for residency. We just barely got the TPS for Venezuelans, but its temporary. It will be a great relief once we are residents and 5 more years after that, Citizens

for my house to be done being built so I can move out of my FIL's. Been waiting since early September and won't be done till end of February *fingers crossed*

been waiting for my husband to come back to fix our marriage while he's in another relationship. He tells me he wants it to work with us, but actions speak louder than words. Been waiting for a year and a half and I'm finally ready to pack my bags.

I've been waiting to get my courage up to ask a guy out that's doing remodeling at the hospital I work at... its been 4 months since I met him

for 25 years I've dug my heels in while on the hunt for my own show and co-Host. I was just picked up by a NY radio station and have found the perfect co-Host for me! I LOVE going after what I want and not giving up until I GET IT!

Waiting for my soulmate my entire life! I'm 38 & FINALLY found him 3 months ago.

Waiting for my trip to Hawaii, it's been eight months and going tomorrow!

I am still waiting for a pizza that I ordered last Saturday. They never showed up! I called and nobody answered. It might've been mad that I was the last order of the night.

Waiting for my new garage door. The company backed into my garage and broke it further! 4 months and waiting still!

I'm waiting for my background check to come back so I can start my new job making $3 an hr more

Started in March 2020. Still waiting for countertops and flooring to finish home remodel.

just waiting for my first grandchild! He'll be making his grand appearance any day now!! Beyond excited.

MY 15 yo daughter has been waiting 5 months for a anime blanket she ordered on Amazon. It was $90. Her allowance that she saved for months

Been waiting to move for over 10yrs. Hubby hates change but our house is paid for and is appraised for over 200K from what we paid. Come on dude. Let's get it done!!!

THE promotion and/or raise I've been waiting on since before Covid! Finally looking for a different job since it seems like that is also stuck on a ship in the ocean lol

im waiting 4 my awesome and amazing boyfriend 2 propose 2 me. He lives out of state. So if he ask I'll move. However if he doesnt and Im stuck here then I want a girl I work with to quit. She is lazy!

Ive been waiting very patiently for the right person to come along. Im 27 and my family thinks Im not trying to date. The fact is that I'm being patient and not settling

I need Starbucks to bring back GUAVA!!!!'

I'm waiting for my boyfriend to propose. We bought a ring 2 years ago! A $25k ring... still waiting.

we waited almost 5 months for our RZR after we ordered it in March it finally arrived in July. #worththewait

I'm waiting for my baby!! After waiting and trying for 3 years, finally 32 weeks pregnant with my baby boy thanks to RCC.

Waiting on our basement to be finished. Waited on a family member who offered to help then kept blowing us off. Hired someone to do that part, they didn't finish. Now got the next piece done and waiting on the previous contractor to come finish his part so we can move on. Been Waiting 4 years!

Waiting for my pregnancy to go to term to meet my miracle baby. Told us only 1% chance of having a baby and it worked w no meds after 3 yrs of trying.

we're building a home and we were supposed to move in this week, delayed to next week. And now the week of thanksgiving if we're lucky

waiting on my truck. Turned 24, got a crazy good paying job and bought a new Tacoma. Because of the shortage, I’m waiting 4-6 months

been waiting to set a wedding date. We got engaged in March, had to buy our house last minute. Have to wait to save money to set a date now

waiting for my insurance to pay out from being rear ended on the freeway in 2018

earned a $100 gift card at work in AUGUST. Still haven't received it.

had to wait about 4 months after being told I probably have a brain tumor to confirm it was just a brain cyst.

My passport renewal.Mailed it in mid July and theyve cashed the Check but it still isn't even tracking online.

waiting to get pregnant... been trying for two years

I'm waiting to go back to Disneyland. Been 3 years since I've been (I'm usually a twice a year gal) I go in 3 weeks, and I get to take my one year old.

Been waiting for my solar company to come turn on my solar panels. Signed the contract on April 17, they finally installed on September 10, but still haven't come to turn them on. It's been an ongoing battle.

Still waiting for my trees in my yard to get pulled out for two years now. My husband says he is going to do it to save us money, but I'm sick of waiting and want to just pay the price get them out by a professional

waiting 4 months to get licensed in ID so I can move in with my husband.

My kids & I have been waiting for 2 yrs for our cruise. Cancelled last year, due to COVID. I'll have to cancel this year, since Norwegian requires all to be vaccinated & I'm taking my granddaughter, so we won't be able to go! So bummed!

wtg to be rich! Been broke husband building tech company but will sell in a few years for millions yay

Waiting on a furniture order that I ordered in August. Currently sitting off the coast of California

waiting for my car I designed. Hopefullly only a couple more months! Also surprising our girls with a Disney trip after Thanksgiving. It's hard to stay quiet

I'm waiting for my surprise Disney trip for my son for Christmas. We're also going with my best friend and her son.

Waiting for my family pictures! Come on man I need to see them!

still waiting for my sons Halloween costume... it's got to be on one of those boats. Family group costume was short one demon slayer. My son was sad.

Waiting a year for a house guest to move out. It was only supposed to be 3 months while they found a place.

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