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TEXT TOPIC:Where did you fall asleep and it got you in trouble?

Fell asleep at a boys house in high school. My mom couldn't get ahold of me or him. She finally got ahold of him around 4am. He had dropped me off at that point and told her that but she couldn't find me, I was asleep in her bed because she was in mine lol. She had the whole town police force looking for me

fell asleep on top of some stinger missiles on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Ordinance handling officer stood behind me for 8 minutes until I woke up. Long story short, I didn't get in trouble because I'm 6 ft 7 and didn't fit in a normal rack. (A rack is a military bunk bed) -Z-

I fell asleep during sex. In my defense I'd just finished a 12 hour and two classes. He actually listed it as one of the reasons we had to divorce 3 years later.

I fell asleep in band class. Full on trumpets and trombones right behind me. Full band playing. Must have been really tired.

I once had a boss who liked to nap on her lunch. She went down to her car to take a nap, no one knew. She didn't come back for 3 to 4 hours. She had slept through her alarm. She didn't get written up, but never did that again

I was a new cop, new dad, working construction in the evenings to supplement my crappy pay and was really short on sleep. One afternoon I dozed off in my patrol car while writing a report, my brother-in-law stopped to check on me and woke me up... I was so embarrassed! But so glad it was a friendly. Huge shout out to all our law enforcement friendly's...

I fall asleep during every single movie at the theaters with my kids. My 8 year old wakes me up by a smack in the back of the head and says all loud "CMON WHO FALLS ASLEEP IN THE MOVIES YA OLD LADY!"

fell asleep while making out with my husband.

I have a coworker that falls asleep in the lobby chairs and on the toilet at work, she's had to be woken up several times to go to meetings, our boss even had to call her at home at wake her up to joint our video meeting so obviously she wasn't working like she was supposed to be.

I work as a financial call center and years ago I had a girl that sat next to me the would crawl under her desk and fall asleep. Sometimes for hours. We would try and wake her when the boss came by but She got fired. Come to find out she was a stripper at night but needed a legit job for child custody.

just yesterday I was in our plant engineers office. In the middle of drawing a print for me he started doing head bobs. Forehead totally hit the desk and woke him up. I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. -Z- again.

I have fallen asleep during sex on many many occasions..... can't help it I have some medical issues..... they got extremely butt hurt about it, so hence the reason why I choose to be single!!

After I had my son I started falling asleep at work. I was a single mom and my son wouldn't latch to me so I had to exclusively pump for him. I ended up getting fired.

I fell asleep often in the middle of things bc I'd stay up late with friends and wake up early for work - fell asleep in the middle of talking to my sister, fell asleep on a date. He said "okay, I think it's time I take you home." I woke up asking "what why?!"

worked as a 911 dispatcher on graves and didn't pick up my child from kindergarten during the day and was called. Luckily they were nice because I would volunteer often

When I was first married I was working 3 jobs and slept 3 hours a day. I fell asleep driving 7 times and hit signs, trees, etc. one day I pulled over exhausted and 7 hours later a cop almost broke my window because he thought I was dead. I changed my situation and sleep more now.

I went to a nail salon with my mom, and while she was getting glamorized I waited on the comfy plush chairs. Kicked the leg rest up and dozed off a min. I was jolted awake to the owner pushing my leg rest down and tapping my face awake, while saying "you sit up and wait, or wait outside". That's when I got up and left

MIL fell asleep at a an Indian res. She sleeps in her car when she goes camping and she didn't know it was a reservation

woke up to a guy screaming and flashing his lights at her at 4am

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