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TEXT TOPIC: What's on your RADAR?

Bra fittings by court – Layton

The balanced stone – Liz stone – Tooele

The coco cabana roll / The pd roll – tsunami

Shang Chi movie

Chris Webby – Raw thoughts

New music artist I've had on repeat- BIG EASY! He just released a new song- MFB last week and I've had it on REPEAT!!

what's on my radar? The new sitcom Ghosts. It is hilarious!

i'm really into this podcast Dare To Be Better. It focuses on how to find more happiness, find the good in your life, and how gratitude is created and what it feels like. I LOVE IT!

Radar: Simple Treasures Boutique. It's held at the Davis County Fairgrounds 4-5times a year. Over 170 vendors w/everything. Small plug: our booth is She's Krafty.

We had to put our dog down and Lap Of Love comes to your home and does everything there. Your pet is Comfortable in their own surroundings

The Problem with Jon Stewart on Apple tv+

American wellness and Rehab Clinic. I have been with these guys for over 6 years. I've come to them broken down with pain and trauma. They have helped heal my body not just physically but also internally by guiding me with the things I need to take along with supplements that I am short of.

on my radar is a local woman who makes bath bombs and shower steamers with all Natural and vegan ingredients plus amazing essential oils. She has an Etsy shop. It's called Katy's Stress Relief Bath & Shower

The SLC based band Lonely Heights. @lonelyheights on Instagram

Tried HIGH fitness and it is amazing. Try it!

The Swedish group Smith and Thell- Forgive me my friend.

Just wanted to get the word out to you. The grand reopening of Smith's marketplace in Lehi is happening today. We have a ton of great deals. Come on by and see!! 😁😁😊😊. Love you!! 💕�� Listener Ashley.

Colin In Black and White on Netflix. An exploration of former NFL player Colin Kaepernick's high school years and experiences that led him to become an activist.

recently discovered the show Atypical on Netflix with Michael Rapport. super funny, good show about a family with a son that has autism.

I am obsessed with volunteering at the Davis county animal rescue! These animals deserve a loving home!

it's hockey season so we are into nothing but hockey right now. Check out the Ogden mustangs playing this Saturday 7 pm military appreciation night up at the Ogden ice sheet. So so much fun.

The Resident, on Hulu is currently on my radar, needed a change from Greys Anatomy-but yet still along the same lines.

my radar- Peaky Blinders- it's sooo good. Suggest putting closed captioning on due to some of the heavy Irish accents with some characters. Really good.

Been working on my small buisness Nodus Woodworks! Building everything from barn doors to house remodels. Follow us on facebook and instagram!

Local One Voice Children's choir. Literally voices of angels! Check out their you tube videos.

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