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TEXT TOPIC: What is your PAT?

I want my sis n law to grow the F up and lay off my brother

Hey in laws, don't blame my family for giving youCovidwhen we all tested negative and you've already told everyone that we gave it to you. You are also too prideful to give us an apology!! I hope you like coal for Christmas!

normallyI'm a patient person but waiting for this thing is getting on my every last nerve.Y'allare driving me bonkers. I've jumped through every hoop you have thrown at me andY'allare still dragging your feet.

thanksa lot to guys who picked up the $40 my teen daughter dropped while ordering atMcDson Halloween. Youmofospicked it up and left without ordering. Karma will get you & the people who just watched laughing back!

stop leading on yourex boyfriendwhile also dating other guys and then COMPLAINING when you attract guys just like your ex. Get it together sis

To the guy at the gym nobody wants to see you in bike shorts lifting and then throwing your huge weight bar down on the ground making a ton of noise

Hey Cynthia you want to chat and send nasty videos to a man who is engaged. You go girl. You can have him you two deserve each other. Karma is a bitch folks

sayingyou technically don't have to quarantine because you are vaccinated but you have COVID is literally the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Why did you come to the party?

youdon't have anything to work on, your boss gives you a task. Why do I have to hold your hand and do it with/for you? I have things that MY boss needs done!

Quit being mad I'm getting your projects at work.Maybe if you did anything they'd stop giving them to me.

tomyco workers. You are all LAZY!! I'm tired of picking up your slack. If you see that I'm busy don't bother me I'm probablytrying to fix your mistake. Figure your stuff out that's what training was for. I didn't give you a raise for a reason!!!!

tomy gf's family: stop talking trash and looking down on me since I'm not LDS and my medical issues make it hard for me to go to workeveryday. Get off your high horse and judge yourself first

Who are all these slow drivers at 7:30 in the morning with no place to be? Some of us have to get to work!

To my loud annoying neighbors.Why on earth would you goout sideon your balcony at 11:30 at night to have a conversation about BYUfootball.You are rude and annoying. Take that damn conversation inside. No one else wants to hear it. I just want to sleep!

Get to work people! Local fast food joints changing hours based on staffing

you'rea cheater, a narcissist and will hurt anyone to get what you want. I wish more people could see right through you before you hurt them.

youasked me to stop dating so we could see where things might go. You ghost me for weeks. I finally decide to date again and you swipe right on me on the dating app! What the crap?!

sweetie....honey.....GET OFF YOUR PHONE!! You have kids, a spouse. I am so sick of getting home from work and getting the kids thrown on me so you can ignore your surroundings and get on social media. I have asked nicely quite a few times and I'm ready to call it quits.

youneed to stop questioning my parentingabtsheltering them w COVID karma you now have it

I'm over the ED commercials. Nobody cares about your penis problems and I'm really tired of my 6yrold daughter asking if she has erectile dysfunction.

Hey bfarethey really your friends if the only time you see them is at a bar? They can't do anything that doesn't involve alcohol & won't be there if you needed them. Fix your priorities.

tothe white can in front of me, just because you don't have anywhere to be and you are fine going 12 mph, doesn't mean the rest of us don't! Move!!Agh!

friend, you're in your 40's and your maturity level with dating is still stuck in the Freshman Dorms. I don't need a play by play and you're a grown up now. Also- the way you clear your throat sounds like a dead animal is stuck.

Live in west valley. Neighbor has a new horse and stable in his backyard which is next to mine. The smell and flies I will have now🤢🤢. Time to move

Don't set up the interview and then not show up and we can't reach you... or accept the position and we don't see or hear from you again. Get off your lazy rear and WORK!!

News flash b, the season is over, stop just stop. Your kid is average at best and is💩under pressure and has been for years. Stop blaming everyone else for yourkidsineptness.justleave already you're a cancer and so are they with their disrespectful attitude. They'll be luckygoget to ajucocollege.

Dear ex-friend you really crossed the line when you chose to tell my ex and my ex in laws stuff we talked about privately. Watch your back, I don't hold grudges, I pay back!

hopeyou enjoy the Halloween decorations you stole Halloween night. My daughter put a lot of effort into making the life size Michael Myers.Jerks.

Just show up to work. When I hire you and you call out multiple times in less than 2 month because I have to followcovidrulesitsirritating. If youdontwant to work then why apply!

I thought you were my friend come to find out you have been talking about me behind my back for months. ByeFelicia

Hey MILgetyour crap together stop being selfish & narcissistic. Your father just passed away & is not about you

peopledriving this morning. It's dark and raining turn on your headlights

To a certain boss I know grand reopening is tomorrow but taking out your anger and stress on us employees has gone on long enough. If you don't want me as a department head then please just say so.CauseI'm done.

Karma to the lady who hit my daughter's car at the Walmart on parleys way got out of your car looked at what you did and took off.

tothe man who just threw half a bag of trash out his window on 7800 south what the hell is wrong with you?! Were you raised in a barn?! Respect the community you live in please.

Amanda, don't lie toyourself. You've done this for decades. You are miserable. You keep taking back men who cheat on you, men you are not even compatible with but you make due. In the end you are unhappy, miserable, and sad. It's not them. It's you. Learn to have standards and respect yourself.

babe, drinking a bottle of vodka a day, then shaking a puking on Sunday makes you an addict. Admit it and grow up, you have a family and it's destroying us.

stopmoving to places that have existing farms and then complain about the smell and try to force themout.Theywere there first and you had the choice to move there or not.

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