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TEXT TOPIC: Want to highlight the sobriety of someone you love?

BF has been sober from coke & alcohol for 4 years in Feb. Afghanistan Marine Vet; started using after coming home. We would not be together if he was still using. So proud of you babe!

On August 14th I celebrated 7 years of sobriety, when I started I was a heroine addict living in my car and my family didn't want anything to do with me. I am now married to a wonderful man and work HR for an amazing treatment center. My husband just celebrated 3 years on October 13th. Recovery does happen people, it takes hard work and healing but it is so worth it. I love my life today.

I was a IV heroin addict for years. Went to jail (met a guy in there) and then was sent to prison for years. When I got out I ran into the same guy. He had been clean off drugs for 5 years and I had been clean for 4 due to prison. We bonded over sobriety. We are now married, a home we bought a year ago and I make over 85 grand a year. We do recover.

my dad will be sober for 14 years this month! I'm so proud of him. He is the best dad and grandpa

props to my uncle Darin, 7 years sober and smoke free!

been in recvry 9.5yrs frm painklrs & still goin strong!

my dad has been sober for 10 years and I couldn't be prouder! He's a whole new person and I love him!

my husband just got into rehab after years of fighting his addiction and prison stays. There aren't even words to say how proud I am of him. Also a big thanks to beyond addiction mosaic for their amazing people.

my husband s 12 years sober. On his way home from jail he prayed to God and asked if he was real and if so what is his purpose. He he met Jesus and quit everything cold turkey and never went back. His story is amazing and hard to fit in a text

my Dad just celebrated 33 years

sharing my boyfriends alcohol sobriety. So proud of my Justin ! Just over 60days and it has been a struggle over the last few years but he's finally seeing the grace it brings! I love you

my sons dad. Years of IV heroin use, lies, manipulating and verbal and emotional abuse. He is now clean going on 2 weeks and in treatment. He's never made it this far and I'm proud. One day at a time!

just wanted to thank u guys 4 doing the sobriety stories 2day. My husband lost his battle w/addiction 2 yrs ago. I'm so proud of all those ppl who are out there fighting 1 of the toughest battles

My son is 1 1/2 year clean this time , addict for 10 yearsdue to a late in life diagnosis as Autistic. it's been rough he's really trying. No one else but me is supporting him. At least today he is still clean. Love him so much and proud of him.

My son was was addicted to drugs we did an family intervention and he quit that day...has been sober for 5 proud of him

I'm crying as I text this, much love to my brother David. He was a meth addict and when his son passed away my brother realized how much life is precious. It took a hardship for him to recover. His son was 4, and in February it will mark 4 years

I wanna say I'm so proud of myself for being 5 months sober of taking addrictive medication for my anxiety

my husband has been in recovery from sex addiction for two years. He couldn't have done it without Therapy Utah!

My Mom just celebrated 25 years of sobriety. She quit drinking when I was 7. I'm now 7 years sober. I got sober when my oldest was 2. There's no greater gift you could give your child then a sober parent. A present parent. We do recover.

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