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TEXT TOPIC: Did someone seek you out in a creepy way?

I worked at a verywell knownphone company doing customer service. I had a customer who wouldn't get off the phone with me and would always call and ask for me specifically. I finally gave him my work email so he could email me and stop calling me, but our work email had our full name in it. He started emailing me pictures of his dinner, saying he wished I was there with him. I eventually quit the job, and a few months later, I got a FB friend request and message from that same dude! He remembered my name from my work email and found me on FB!

A guy at the gym was interested, so he asked the gym staff for my name and then found me on Facebook. So...much for privacy

notme, but I saw a post a few days ago in a mom group I'm in. This girl had a police officer see her at a gas station and he tracked her down by running her plates.Creepy as hell and such abuse of power.

Dated a girl once that, unbeknownst to me, had shared my location with her...she literally got into my phone without telling me. She'd start popping up where I court, next to me at a light, Wendy's, etc. I thought it was cool at first until I found out.

aguy saw me on my ex coworkers friend list oninsta. He then found me on Snapchat and lied about how he knew me. Oh yeah and he was married!

metthis guy at a dog park and hung out like once or twice and wasn't feeling it. He then found out where I worked (downtownhighrise) paid to enter the parking garage (12$) and found my car 7 stories up and left his business card on my windshield. SO CREEPY

I have a stalker who followed me from when I worked in a haunted house. I have moved several times in the last few years, and they still seem to find me. And every year (to this day) they leave a white rose with blood on it in my mailbox on Halloween night

I was working a concert as a part of a fundraiser when I was on my high school dance team. My shirtThatI was required to wear had my first name on it. This guy was sort of flirting with me when he came up to my stand at the concert. Later he found me on social media and began following me but my social media name at the time was completely different than my actual name. He somehow found my social media through my high school dance team page

When internet first became a thing and chat rooms were popular in 2000...hada guy trying to chat,,inever engaged him..foundout long after that he hacked my emails to find my address and phone number. He drove from Northern CA to Southern NV and called while sitting in front of my house. I called the cops and he left. Months later he showed up at my job in Vegas to "order a coffee". 6 months later found us on Vacation in St George. This was way before it was easy to find people on the internet.

A guy saw me eating lunch and watched me cross the street back to the salon I worked at and came to the salon for ahair cutso he could talk to me. He was my client for 6 years until I got married!

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