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TEXT TOPIC: Who is living with a ghost?

definitely living with a something but not malevolent just likes to make noises, open doors or turn on TVs.

I know I am, I'm all good with that things have been moved I've been touched cabinets opened in the kitchen but one good one was when my dog would not quit barking and staring into the wall and I said tell Sully To quit barking and a young female voice said Sully , Clear as day and he quit barking !!

my coworkers have named their apartment ghost Phil. He starts the dish washer, steals shoes, and picks when the lights are on or off. Sometimes Phil comes to work with them and it's terrifying

we have a ghost at our work. He is friendly and only comes out at night. But he still creeps me out when I'm there alone late at night.

standing in our kitchen the motion sense faucet turned on all the sudden. I jokingly said if this is Larry (my dad who passed away) turn off the water and it shut off. My 4yr old has mentioned seeing him also

The previous owner of my house died there (old age), her name is Joan, she used to run a daycare out of the home and hangs out in our nursery. We've heard her telling our baby "it's okay" when he was crying in his crib, and she opens the nursery door and moves the toys! She's cool!

we've lived in our 25 years. When our kids were little they always talked to a friend named Tommy, who likes to take eye glasses and earrings. We also had a friend come over and as she was leaving she asked if we knew that there was someone in our house and his name was Tommy. So many fun stories around that

Every night in my room my TV will turn on around 3 AM and I'll have to get-up-and-get the remote to turn it off

I live in an apartment complex that back in the day was an abortion clinic and when I am alone sometimes you can hear screaming and what not

my alarm would go off in the middle of the night my sons radio clock would go off also in the middle of the day she a diffuser in my room randomly go off at night. Light up. Walking upstairs. I have a crazy story at another rental

have a ghost at my work. I can hear walking around our parts area.

My house before we moved it. It was a gentleman. He would turn off lights, turn on water. Once we moved our house to a different lot I haven't seen him.

Lived in an apartment in the avenues. Weird things always happened. Lights all on, all cabinets and drawers open etc. Was cutting a guys hair one day and found out he lived in that exact apartment 13 yrs prior to me. He said the prior tenant to him hung himself in the living room

we definitely have ghosts but I think they're attached to us. We have touching, hear talking, shadows, things move, doors open and close. We had a medium tell us we have a few family members that like to visit.

we inherited the radio clock my grandma had by her bed when she passed away. We only used it in our bathroom for the radio. The alarm would randomly go off at different times. One time I was in the shower listening to the music and it turned up loudly and I said aloud. Grandma turn it down! And it totally turned down. We would also have the tv randomly turn on at this house.

My family was living in my husbands grandpas house when he passed away. The week the grandpa passed, my 3 year old daughter told me gramp was haunting the house. She said she would see him and talk to him. We didn't mind because we were all close

My family was taking photos in front of my house. And while reviewing the photos we found a ghost in the background of the photo. No one was inside and i believe the door was closed.

lived with multiple ghosts at the home I grew up in, long stories, but 1 violently shook my bed in the middle of the night, my brother chased 1 thinking it was an intruder, and my sister saw a little girl, these all happened in high school, in the old part of house

my husband died in our house & visits us with our dead dogs. They run around the house & I feel wind where no wind should be. Things also get moved

grew up in a house that random things would break(light covers, all the glasses in the cabinet), saw an angry man go across my bedroom. Told the neighbor about it and she said that has to be the man that lived there before, he died in the hallway.

hubs and I live in a mortuary. Heard a man's voice say "cute" in my daughters room at 3 am. Saw a shadow of a person on the living room wall when I was home alone. A door has opened up by itself when I was alone. When husband was on a pick up felt someone sitting in the passenger seat next to him and the seat belt sign kept going off. Daughter has been playing with a little girl late at night...

as a teen I lived in a house with a ghost lady. A couple lived there previously & she died in it. She used to rock in a chair I would hear sometimes

this was a rented apartment above a photography studio and a roommate and I had moved in not long after this happened. The old door knobs would rattle or our front door would open a jar to this old home. I made a joke while we were both lounging there in the couch that just wait something will happen when we are all alone. Sure enough that night as I was walking up the stairs I could feel something was eery. I open the door and my puppy is freaking out in her kennel in the kitchen. All lights in every room was on. Every window is open and every door and drawers and fridge door,oven drawer open. I definitely did not sleep there that night. We made a police report and the cops said there is no sign of breaking in and we had had new door locks changed when we moved in. The cops said they are stuff like this a a lot in old homes. The ghost are just making their presence known.

My ghost makes herself known any time my husband gets upset with me. She explodes lightbulbs. Literally from the inside outside. The glass with be exploded but the filament will be in tact. I have tons of pictures of them and have had an electrician look at the wiring in the house. He has zero explanation. I know why it happens and who it is...

grew up in a haunted house in American fork. Found out later it used to be a mortuary. If you stepped on the 3rd or 7th stare and made it squeak you would piss off the spirits. Got immediately cold on the stairwell. To this day me and my sisters still skip the third and seventh stare of every stairwell

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