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TEXT TOPIC: How many times do you hit snooze?

the show opener is my real alarm after I've hit snooze 9 times. Thanks!!

Never hit snooze. Alarm is set for the last possible second in bed. Why get woken up 4 times when I can only be woken once

I have 32 morning alarms, I hit snooze on all of them

snooze every 9 mins for over an hr. I don't even know I do it. Even if I put my phone across the room.

have 15 alarms set 3 minutes apart and i snooze then all or turn them off in my sleep and end up late

never hit the snooze. I’m up at 330 everyday. However my ex would set his clock 45 minutes later than the real time (I guess to trick his brain??) and then set his alarm so he could snooze for almost an hour and still get up relatively on time. But that stupid alarm would go off every 8 minutes. Ugh

I snooze my alarm about 5 times

I press snooze every 10 minutes for a minimum of one hour. Sometimes it's 2 hours. Keep in mind the husband is already gone for work lol

I have to set Atleast 10 alarms with the bomb alert noise and hit snooze Atleast 10 more times

I hit the snooze once. My husband usually 3-4 times before he gets yelled at.

I hit snooze at least 6 times before waking up

I have never hit the snooze, I usually wake up 15-30 minutes before my alarm. My mom used to hit the snooze at least 5 times when I was a kid and it drove me nuts, it would go off when she was in the shower and I would I unplug her clock.

I get up and going for the day around 6:20am but still want to sleep in so During the work week I hit the snooze button an average of four times (and sometimes even six times.

my husband hits snooze 3 times so I'm adequately awake when my alarm goes off half an hour after he leaves.

I have my alarm set for 6:15 and end up getting out of bed at 7:15. I snooze it every 8 mins between that hour 🤦🏻‍♀️ so like 8 ish times?

both my partner and I struggle to even wake up to our alarm in the morning will usually sleep through several loud blaring alarms don't know how we do it.

I'm not a snoozer. The hubby is and it drives me crazy. He'll snooze it for an hour. Then I'll yell him. "Well I'm awake now!!".

depends on the day, if it's a regular day, I'll have 2 alarms and snooze them both twice, if something important is happening that day I'll wake up before my 3 alarms

my husband pushes snooze for about an hour, it drives me crazy! So I've started turning his phone off after he goes to sleep

alarm goes off at 5am, snooze 3 times and should be up by 5:30am

At least 4 times and I get pretty angry if my snooze time is interrupted!

I definitely hit the snooze button at least 4 times if not more. I don't like waking up lol

it's not how many times but for how long. Sometimes a half hour sometimes an hour. My snooze goes off every 9 minutes.

I set my alarm early so that I can snooze it two or three times and still be up on time

When I press snooze for that hour. Those 10 minutes between are my best sleep EVER

Hit the snooze 5-10 times

have an alarm set for 5AM but my body usually wakes up by itself around 4:40/4:45. Love it, yay for being a morning person!

snooze 3-4 times but work from home so jump back in bed and snuggle my honey when his alarm goes off just for a few minutes.

I have multiple alarms set hit zoom about 10 times probably my bf HATES it idk how he just gets up the first one

grew up in a house that random things would break(light covers, all the glasses in the cabinet), saw an angry man go across my bedroom. Told the neighbor about it and she said that has to be the man that lived there before, he died in the hallway.

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