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TEXT TOPIC: Who are you afraid of in your life?

I'm scared of my adoptive mother. She's very mentally abusive, even faking her death for over a year because I had cut her off to protect my mental health.

Scared of my husbands brother, they are estranged, and he stalks my husband. I don't know his mindset or what he wants.

I am scared of the ex, he is very controlling, when he doesn't get his way he takes it out on the kids. He has taken me to court twice in less than 2 years over stupid stuff and he didn't get his way. Afraid I may pass him off enough (just by standing up for myself) that he will come after me.

Scared of my dad. He's currently in jail because I reported him for fraud. Scared of retaliation when he gets out

I'm scared of my brother. He self harms to gain attention. He isn't depressed or suicidal, just uses the self harm to control the family.

My step-daughter! Meeting her for the first time next month. I've w/ my husband for 8 years. Her and her mom have been nothing but negative towards me and they've attacked me many ways. She's joining us on vacation for a week

I'm afraid of my aunt. She is known for touching kids in the family. I have 2 little ones.

When mine and Tim's kids were younger we had a friend's brother who came over to do some work in our basement and that he gave them the creeps and turns out he was a pedophile and he got convicted and sent to prison scary we have no idea

Afraid of my stepson who raped my disabled sister & is angry at us for turning him in. If he's capable of that he's capable of ANYTHING!

I'm afraid of my boss. His temper is really bad. I thought maybe it was just me he verbally abused but I found out he verbally abuses many people in the company. I've been trying to separate from this position but he keeps delaying it

I'm afraid of my MIL's creepy boyfriend. He's shady as hell and I don't buy anything he says. I've seen a couple of his red flag outbursts and he now knows I "hate" him.

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