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TEXT TOPIC: Which Halloween candy do you hate?

yucky candy.... Anything with raisins or coconut!

peanut marshmallows? And Black and orange taffy who even knows what flavor they are

whoppers are the worst candy

circus peanuts

Smarties, pixie stix, nerds. I don't get it

blue sour patch kids

anything chocolate & mint. Andes mints, junior mints, York peppermint, etc. Even the smell makes me gag.

HATEpeanut butter so I don't get Reese's. Yuck.

I know Frankie said he loved these the other day, but Hot Tamales and all things "hot" cinnamon. Big yuck

anything with coconut gross

smarties are the worst candy ever!!

they changed the recipe to 3 Musketeers and now I hate it. They also changed the recipe to butterfingers. Nasty.

don't like Butterfingers. For the same reason as Kylie. I do like those peanut butter taffy candies in the black and orange wrappers, which I think most people don't like.

Whoppers candy are like 100 year old candy at the bottom of the barrel that no one wanted. Also cannot stand anything cinnamon. Bad memories

chocolate flavored tootsies rolls! Not even a slight chocolate taste!

Hell no to anything with licorice (black or red) or coconut!

candy I can't stand... Dots & Almond Joys

pop rocks. They actually give me a headache

can't stand jawbreakers and jolly ranchers.

hate any candy that is sweet and chewy like Starbursts and HiChew.

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