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TEXT TOPIC: In what unusual way did you meet your spouse?

No lies. I met my husband at his sisters funeral.

met my husband in prison...we both worked there

Met my BF at a singles karaoke event at Donkey Tails in Draper. Some random dude walked by & touched my ass. I went over & yelled at him. My BF came over to check on me & make sure I was okay.

I met my husband on Halloween. Faces painted with built up mask. He won the costume contest, I won his heart. 26 years ago, married over 25. The chemistry was there. Grateful he turned out handsome!

I met my husband through my ex and my oldest bio dad. Neither of us liked each other when e first met. Married 22 years.

met my husband buying shrooms from my friends internet boyfriends dealer that she just met 🤦🏼‍♀️. 5 years 1 kid later I couldn't be happier!

met on a Mexican Riveria Cruise and both happened to be from Utah. Funny part is my brother and I were both single and both of us were interested in her. She picked me!!!

met my spouse because him and his friend came to my house to have a three some with my roommate at the time. It didn't happen but ended up together. 21 years and counting.

my husband and I were set up on a blind date by my ex boyfriend

I saw an awesome vintage vehicle I went in the building next to it and said Did you guys see that purple car? My now hubby answered it's mine

I met my boyfriend in San Antonio Texas at a National Competition for a high school club called FCCLA (sewing, fashion design, cooking, child development). Walked out of my event and there he was. He lives in Montana and I am from Utah. So happy that I went to the competition.

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